As Interview by Andrew Reyna
"When I came here my dream was to go to school. Work and work, and you know, to find a part time job and go to school, but when I got here the life was very different."
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Diana Molina

As Interviewed by Cara DeWitt
"The desired result is immigration reform, and that has not been achieved. It’s a step in the right direction."
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Hui-yao Lin

As Interviewed by Andy Liu
"Violence is not just physically, it can also be emotionally. They would just laugh at us and yell horrible things at us."
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Emelia C.

Interviewed by: L.R.
"Right now, my license expired. I can’t get a license. Each time I drive to somewheres, I fear that a police will stop me [and] take me to jail just because I don't have a license, nor valid documents."
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Lauren Martin

As Interviewed by Isabella Ricci
"The fence is absolutely devastating to border communities."
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Carlos Penada

As Interviewed by Clara F.
"They left in 1960, originally in hopes to come back very soon, but that never occurred."
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Carmen S.

As Interviewed by Corin Wagen
"I call myself a survivor, and no one can take that away from me."
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Juan Gonzales

As Interviewed by Chris B.
"I think that it’s imperative for young people to discuss the past so that they can make the future a whole lot brighter."
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Sylvia Herrera

As Interviewed by Xavier Herrera Jr.
"Every person counts. We have to recognize and reconnect to our humanity. We have to learn to treat each other with that kindness and respect that everyone deserves. "
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Sanjay B. Patil

As Interviewed by Neil Patil
"There is no need for anyone to be classified or sub-classified."
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Denise Gilman

As Interviewed by Nico Madrid
"I think in Texas people realize that our immigrant community and our Latino community are very much a part of our society."
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Alberto Martinez

As Interviewed by Lesley Martinez
"Everyday, the doors close a bit more for us."
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Maisaa Tizani

As Interviewed by Zeena Jarrar
"We should be judged based upon how we act, not by our outward appearance."
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Steve McDaniel

As Interviewed by Ciara McDaniel
"I have been terrorized by Hispanics and I have been terrorized by whites. If you want to stereotype and generalize, you can say both are equally good at being very bad."
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Miriam G. Aguilera

As Interviewed by Odalis Cartagena
"I was 29 years old when I came to the United States of America."
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Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Megan Blackburn
"You can't tell the story of America during World War II if you don't tell the story of Hispanics."
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