Chandan Patel

As Interviewed by Anushka Parag
"We left everything as it was in Mozambique. You couldn’t take anything."
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Preeti Dhir

Preeti Dhir interviewed by Raghav Dhir
"I had to be more independent. I had to figure out things on my own, whereas back home I always had my family’s support."
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Tony C.

As interviewed by Lila Wilson
"I only remember them catching me or tackling me once, but that fear was there every day."
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Ting Lu

As interviewed by Andrew Lu
"Suddenly, I had to make three connections, and travel to the other side of earth."
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Mary Holmes

Alec Hoelscher
"As my dad used to always say, we have no where else to go, this is it. We're Cubans in America and we have no where else."
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Natacha Jones

As Interviewed by Liam Green Musselman
"A few hours later we found a bullet shell in my parents bedroom, and so of course panic set in, and through the walkie-talkies they informed my father and the other UN employees that we had to evacuate as quickly as possible,and we had to pack our bags very quickly and we did just that."
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Frances Pacheco Camacho Brooks

As interviewed by Gustavo Brooks
"I feel like there are many people that are very talented and very smart, and they were born in very poor countries with very limited opportunities, and then these people are leaving it all out there to cross the border and search for a better life."
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Lillian Kao

As Interviewed by Belinda Lin
"It's better to run and live in a free country than live in a Communist country."
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Nathan Woodward

As interviewed by Sylvie Daines
"She had to choose between work, sleep, and maintaining her grades."
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Ashvin Bhavsar

As Interviewed by Rohan Bhavsar
"200% change. Big changes from India to Canada."
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Liefen Su-Hovd

As interviewed by Tor Hovd
"Racism is every happening every moment, hour, and day it just people don't realize that."
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Raj Simon

as interviewed by Nathan Jacob
"President Trump is the elected US President and I respect him. As far as I have heard him speak he was against the illegal immigrants and I think he suggested advanced scrutiny in countries where threats of terrorism currently happen, in order to protect the country. Given these facts I believe in his ideas and beliefs for the country."
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Santosh S.

As Interviewed by Aditya Sangana
"I became a citizen in 2006 and now I am a proud American."
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Wen-Hui Zhang

As Interviewed by Justin Xia
"I think slowly, without even realizing it, that our values slowly change."
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Rebecca Callahan

As Interviewed by Andrew K.
"To see the anti-immigrant sentiment that's boiling up right now... has been really really disparaging."
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As Interviewed by Olivia Bomba
"I still believe that all immigrants or immigrants who should be in our country should be granted the right to live and work. I will always support immigrants and illegal immigrants."
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Son Nguyen

As Interviewed by Steven Nguyen
"But in that time, it couldn’t be so poor and no freedom at all, you will live through like you live in jail under the communist suburban. "
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Farah Abdulazeez

As Interviewed by Davis Palmer
"Now you hear the media; she is and he is, but never, back then we were all the same."
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Israel Garcia

Savitha S
"Are you serious? Are you telling me that you're escorting me to check I'm not doing anything illegal?"
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Jose Navea

As Interviewed by Adolfo A.
"I think that the wall will not stop illegal immigration, the hunger is stronger than the wall. "
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Maria R

As Interviewed by Morelia R
"Work hard, keep on working, the rough patches of your life will be left in the past and just look forward."
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Viji Kannan

"We exchanged presents for Christmas, which was new to me. It was the first time I saw a Christmas tree and how it was decorated."
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Duong Nguyen

As Interviewed by Thanh-Mai Nguyen
"In refugee camp, basically, you on your own, you are free to do whatever you want to do, but myself, I keep busy by keep learning English, to prepare myself, in the future."
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Laetitia Cabrol

As Interviewed by Lilo Ryan
"Yes, I have an accent, but that doesn't make me different from every other American citizen."
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Hanh Le

Denton Trinh
"Everyone look at us with eyes that show that we were less than them."
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Yi Mao

As Interviewed by Luisa Mao
"When I was a child, the situation had already improved very much. Girls in my generation were allowed to go to school, no longer forced to bind their feet, and permitted to attend the best universities China had to offer."
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Asmita Savalia

As interviewed by Jay R.
"It was very exciting to be a part of something where you were with other like-minded people."
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Mary Grace's Mission

By, Quentin Foley
""I think one of the reasons i got involved, is that, I was so, i was kinda afraid to be an activist then. I mean, it didn’t come naturally to me. And, so now it feels like i can now. I couldn't then, but I can now. I didn’t have the courage, or whatever at that time, or the sureness in myself that it was right, i just had so much indoctrination, i guess in my…. But now i can. I just have no excuse." "
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Dr. Neelima Paladugu

As Interviewed by Chatur Vallabhaneni
"It wasn't every girl that got encouraged to not be a housewife. I was the first woman from my village to leave the village and get a medical degree."
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Carol Furuta

As Interviewed by Mary E. Martinez
"It's really difficult to think that that happened to us, that that was… part of our history of Japanese people, and that something that was so wrong could happen, and I guess that's how it affects us."
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Moushumi Dey

As Interviewed by Soh Nishiyama
"People are very good by nature. I don’t think people are born evil."
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Uma Parameswaran

As Interviewed by Keshav Srinivasan
"I got a Fulbright Scholarship. The United States was indeed a distant land in those days. ... It was uncommon in those days for young women to travel abroad on their own. But my parents, especially my mother, encouraged us to take up the scholarship even if it meant traveling all by oneself to a distant land. So I came to Indiana University to study American Literature. "
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Mary Grace Hume

As Interviewed by Amy Vance
"The Italian-Americans have given a lot to this country, as have all the ethnic groups. The Irish, the Chinese, the Arabs, they have all contributed in their way to make this country really great."
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Michael Y.

As Interviewed by Maya H.Y.
"No one is illegal. Money crosses borders, goods cross borders, but workers can’t cross borders? That doesn’t make sense to me. "
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Wandaka Musongera

As Interviewed by Owen Smith
"So they act like they don’t keep you away, but indirectly, they keep you away from getting education."
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Martin A.

As Interviewed by Noel A.
"He made the people more pressured and with more fear."
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