Carol C. Walker

Interviewed by Addie Walker
"When the massacre happened, the people were told, officially, from the highest up in their government, that this was an attempt to overthrow the government."
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Ravindra Suduwadewage

As Interviewed by Avishka S.
"It was a miracle that I was in the next passenger car to the one that exploded. It was my life's luck, or I would have been dead too."
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Anh Thomas

As Interviewed by Michael Martinez
"Since there were military police all around trying to capture men leaving the country, he had to dress up like an old woman. He carried my 18-month-old sister and walked out, so it looked like just women and children who were leaving with the Americans."
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Mr. Nguyen

As Interviewed by W.N.
"What I learned is that failures do not count, only the success counts, even if it comes late, and it certainly comes if I never give up. For me, I could not live without freedom. Like Patrick Henry said, “Give me Liberty or give me Death.” I would rather die in the sea than live in a country where there is no freedom."
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David B.

As Interviewed by Luca Venegoni
"It was unfair that people who could afford to go to college could avoid the draft while people without enough money couldn’t."
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Jing-Feng Lee

As Interviewed by Judy Shan
"…Though the Japanese have left, I still have many wonderful memories from that time [the time period under Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan], and I will never forget them."
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Pascal Baredste

As Interviewed by Stephen T.
"We had the right to not be killed, and that was it... "
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Sonia Glazer

As Interviewed by Jonathan Sadun
"On September 1, 1939, the Russians walked into our city."
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Steven A. Bethea

As Interviewed by Isaac Bethea
"And some of the things that Richard Nixon was saying about the war were untrue, and I knew for a fact they were untrue."
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Duke Ngo

As Interviewed by Nithin Richard
"When you would play in the street, you would see lots of soldiers and tanks and a lot of people exchanging money."
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Thomas Schatz

As Interviewed by Noah Schatz
"The Vietnam War caused tremendous tension at home, within families, within communities, far, far more than you can imagine or that is going on now in the current unfortunate military enterprise."
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Raul G. Liendo

As Interviewed by Katherine J.
"I would always question that."
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Carlos Penada

As Interviewed by Clara F.
"They left in 1960, originally in hopes to come back very soon, but that never occurred."
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Chris Christine

As Interviewed by Pia Deshpande
"GI is a term that means General Issue. The equipment in the military was general issue so a soldier was also General Issue."
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Henry Zeybel

As Interviewed by Ben Brown
"So I was pretty much in favor of prosecuting war against our enemies as the president saw it. So I was brain washed to follow the leader."
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Giovanna Marabini

As Interviewed by Chiara Alvisi
"I can tell you for sure that the war took away my childhood."
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Sonia Ell

As Interviewed by Josh Geeslin
"I have always felt that I need to keep my religion, my belief, and to be proud of my ethnicity and who I am."
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Boonkrua Punyahotra

As Interviewed by Ink D.
"We had never been trained to hide in bombing shelter. Instead we headed toward rice paddies, sewer lines. "
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Tamara E. Stone

As Interviewed by J.S.
"The point of it was to let the Russian government know that we were interested in their plight and that we were not going to forget about them. "
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Chanro Park

As Interviewed by Kevin Park
"Park Chung-Hee received both extreme admiration and criticism."
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Sherief Gaber

As Interviewed by Elizah Flores
"Whatever connection I had with Egypt was just screaming at me that I had to go. "
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Gad Ilan

As Interviewed by Hannah Ilan
"When Israel was born, there was a big war between Israel and all the Arab countries. At that time there was a lot of Arabs that lived in Israel, with the Israelis. They supported the Arab countries..."
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Marie Brown

As Interviewed by Sam Pastor
"You weren’t free anymore, and you didn’t have anything to dress, you had to watch your language, you had to watch everything."
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Tony Tran

As Interviewed by Brandon Lee
"They call us refugees. Vietnam refugees or the Boat People. The Boat People of Vietnamese refugees."
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Maggie Rivas-Rodriguez

As Interviewed by Megan Blackburn
"You can't tell the story of America during World War II if you don't tell the story of Hispanics."
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Hata Pilav

As Interviewed by Muamer Amir Pilav
"War is a stupid old man's game that is used to stay in power. "
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Stephanie Normand

As Interviewed by Lizzie Eller
"Afghanistan is a place, nothing like America, that will change your views of life."
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