Mieke Koetsier

As Interviewed By Champ Turner
"That was a very sad time because, my father was taken away as a prisoner of war by the Japanese and my mother had to live in a camp with her younger children."
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Duane Charles Runkle

As Interview by Christian Kennedy
"We left in civilian clothes, even though you're carrying a duffel bag, and people would flip you off, call you a baby killer..."
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Patrick Rick

Miranda Simon
"Disability, the word itself, is an automatic hindrance to the person that has a disability. The best thing to do is don't look at it as a disability, look at it as an alternative to work harder in a different area that doesn't require you to aggravate that limitation."
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Carole Cowan Moore

As Interviewed by Sofia Moore
"Everyone in the United States seemed to be on the same page. They were fighting a terrible fascism and ruthless killings and eliminations by the Nazis."
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Murhula Zigabe

As Interviewed by Jackson Eckel
"It is my way of giving them support, it is my way of being close to them when they are suffering."
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Major Neal E. Suggs

Kael Suggs
"I was not terribly impressed with the civilian oversight or the news media coverage because I was actually there and saw what was happening and the papers didn't reflect what was actually going on."
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Phillip Edgington

As Interviewed by Owen Edgington
"And so it made me aware of the price they pay."
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Kim Nguyen

As interviewed by Akash Geeni
"We want freedom."
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John Phoung

As Interviewed by Q.N.
"We were treated differently, from other people because if you or your family was involved in the government or support the South government, you’re not, doesn’t have the same opportunity like any other in education or work. "
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Aaron Skinner

As Interviewed by Emma R.
"I learned that my family is tougher than I thought. They were able to deal with a lot of the 'me being gone,' that they didn't know what was going on with me."
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As Interviewed by Emily S.
"Women were saying; Look, we want that promotion to commander. And we’re guaranteed it by congress. So, you have to train us and take us out on ship."
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Hubert Tien

As Interviewed by Cora Tien
"The language, first and foremost, was the biggest barrier."
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Nur Yazdani

As Interviewed by Zeeshan Yazdani
"There should have been at least one president from East Pakistan, but that never happened."
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Jennifer Harriger

As Interviewed by Charlee Savinelli
"I always held the opinion that I was against the politician but I wasn’t against the soldier. So that’s why I didn’t feel, for me, that protesting would work, because it was the politician who made the decision, but I didn’t want to communicate to the soldier, I wanted to be supportive of the soldiers. "
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Janet Hertel

As Interviewed by
"While we were waiting, some man got too close to one of those ladders and those machine guns were all cocked and the guards were shouting at that man."
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A Man from Gaza

As interviewed by Yazan Abughazaleh
"Many many times in Gaza’s history, Gaza was destroyed and finished but come out again from ashes. As the bird of fire. "
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The story of Ricardo

Interviewed by Ruben Valdovinos jr
"I didn't do a years worth of training to sit behind a desk."
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Barry Fisher

As Interviewed by Terry P
"That’s usually what happens. Big business has interests in different lands and we call it democratic support and go in to support big business at the expense of our boys and girls."
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Parvaneh Johnson

As Interviewed by Adelaide J.
"A male servant in our house had more rights than I did"
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David Whitman

As interviewed by Lydia C.
"But we heard a big explosion just above us in One World Trade Center, and we looked out the window, and we saw just bright blue sky...but debris, and papers and just tons of it...it looked like a ticker-tape parade, it was so kinda surreal...flying out of the building."
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Nurit Patt

As interviewed by Ellie Patt
"They told me I could not be a dog trainer because I was a woman. And I was really angry about that, and they wanted me to be a secretary and I said no way, and the other option I had was go and work in a kibbutz, and live in a kibbutz, and help that way."
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Mehrunnisa Ghanchi

Zahir Shaikh
"Things can be settled by negotiation and peace talks but war is the worst outcome."
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Triphine Tuhabonye

As Interviewed by Lucas Abounader
"I don't think we've made any progress. I feel like we went down in everything -- the economy, the peace. Everything is down. No one knows what to do now."
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Kevin Dwyer

As interviewed by Annabel Dwyer
"Whether they are being shot at or not, these young people can be called on to be sent somewhere to do the humanitarian work for the rest of us."
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Dr. Binh Truong

As Interviewed by Patrick Connor
"This is a wonderful country, it's a big country, has lots to offer and I still have not had the chance to see all of it, yet. ...This is the best country I could ever be in to raise a family, so many opportunities and resources available, I didn't take it for granted at all."
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Douglas Stewart

As Interviewed by Everett Butler
"We had just secured Okinawa and the next day we wanted Japan"
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Tom Gunter

As Interviewed by Aidan Gunter
"As a kid growing up you either ended up in prison or you would be pushed into the military."
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As Interviewed by Melina Takvorian
"And if you see your grandmother like that, who you love, it can't leave you."
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Robert Tran

As Interviewed by Nicholas B
"Just to let you know, USA is the best country in the world."
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John R. Kulik

As Interviewed by Eli Wall
"I just learned just how ruthless leaders of countries can be and you, you kind of learn just by what was going on as to what some of these leaders were doing in the foreign countries, and what they were doing to the people. Having not been exposed to those kind of atrocities, it became a real learning experience for me. "
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Divakar Boppuri

As interviewed by Richa Boppuri
"We talked about worrying about getting back to our families, and what would happen if we died in the sea."
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Joong Ho Kim

As Interviewed by Kevin Seon
"It was hard to overcome but something about being a soldier, is that you never get used to it. You just have to overcome it."
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Les Bryant

As Interviewed by Rigel Sidhipong
"War never solves anything."
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Lili Cardenas

As interviewed by Maki C.
"No, that's done. We have forgiven them. They have been good to us already, and anyways, that is war."
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Scott M.

As Interviewed by Conner M.
"There are many controversial and non-controversial uses of drones in today’s culture."
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Victor E. Ndubueze

As Interviewed by Precious Ndubueze
"War is something that brings no one any good. War is something that should never be suggested as an alternative to peace. Peace is supreme to war. "
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Tim Dziuk

As Interviewed By Cora Dale
"I had been in Vietnam for quite a while, and I flew as a door gunner, in addition to being a medic."
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Bill R. Hill

As Interviewed by Robin S.
"It would be nice for everybody to ‘coexist,’ but it’s never going to happen. There’s always going to be wars. If we want our way of life, we have to fight wars."
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Kalsoom Begum

As Interviewed by Junaid Rasool
"We don’t want them to forget Pakistan. We are not saying focus only on Kashmir. That is not the point. We want a stable government in Pakistan. We also want a stable government in India."
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Daniel Sponseller

As interviewed by Vincent Sponseller
"We don’t think about why we do it, because people worry too much about what they can’t control, but I can fight in this war and be satisfied with what I can control."
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Armando Saenz

Archer Saenz
"We were denied renting the apartment because of my name, and the way I looked to them, because I was Hispanic. And yet when we left the apartment office we could see signs outside that said 'Apartments for Rent.' They had apartments to rent, just not for us because I was not an Anglo."
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Freddy Schumer

As Interviewed by Aytahn Benavi
"It started with the curfews imposed on Jews -- we were obliged to wear stars. I wasn’t worried about having to wear a star; we just had to. There was no choice."
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Albino Ledesma

As Interviewed by M.L.
"In combat I was just reacting to the threat, and I just did what I was trained to do. But it is after the fight when you think about what you should’ve and shouldn’t have done."
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Mr. Lynn Pham

As interviewed by Gabe Brandt
"It left me questioning and me trying to understand why the south and the american soldiers were fighting the north and the Viet Kong and all these things were going in on my head and I don't understand why."
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