Emi Zimmerman

Kevin Masuo
""You know for the first time, New Yorkers weren't known for being very nice to each other because they are just rushing around. Thinking about themselves, but for the first time, everybody was paying attention to the people around them.""
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Hong Shik Kim

As Interviewed by Lois Lee
"Back then, it was very hard living in Korea because everyone was so poor. The Korean War motivated me to study harder and become more successful."
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Donna S.

As interviewed by Tom S.
"Powerful hatred and anger and prejudice can just be so destructive."
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Chidambara Thanu Pillai

Nithin Chidambara
"I will join the movement if necessary to oppose them in whatever way possible. For the nation I am ready to do whatever help they need."
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Ramon Morejon

As Interviewed by Alisha Morejon
"We talked about being in the army, but we weren't prepared. No one's prepared for that."
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Elizabeth Trott

As Interviewed by Madelyn Madiedo
"When I was a kid, every time you said 'goodbye' it could be the last time and that's how u was brought up. That it could be the last time you see them before you go."
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Linda Chanow

As Interviewed By Tobias C.
"I couldn't reach my husband... there was a lot of worry."
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Mansi Mehta

As Interviewed By Ishaan M.
"Killing enlightened people is really not going to get us anywhere in this world we're, not going to achieve anything."
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Richard Auby

As Interviewed by: Wally Auby
"In my Armor Officer Basic Corps, there were 300 of us in the class and we were told that all of us were going to Vietnam. A third of the class went directly to Vietnam, and another third of the class went to Germany or Korea before going to Vietnam. The rest of us went to Army Posts in the U.S. and we were told that we would be there for three to four months before we would go to Vietnam."
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Alan Grogono

As interviewed by Lilly Grogono
"The health of people in England was greater during WWll than before or afterwards."
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Bruce Gilbert

As Interviewed by Olivia Gilbert
"It cost us a lot of soldiers and lives and so forth but I would have to say it was probably worth it, if any war is worth it"
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Adeina Tucker

As interviewed by Vincent Kang
"What you see here, what you do here, what you leave here, let it stay here."
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The Troubles

Samuel Larson
"They Built A wall that separated Us"
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Donald Griffith Interview

"Don't go to war"
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Keisha Bentley Edwards

Ryder Klager
"I thought he was looking at me!"
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Sue Rummel

Meg Rowan
"You need a sense of humor to teach, and don't get too mad about things. "
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Hans W. Baade

As Interviewed by Alan Baade
"You could still see a good bit of bomb damage, but that was taken care of relatively quickly."
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Ezra .S

As Interviewed by Stav T.
"War is not a game"
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Teresa Santh

As interviewed by Elena Keitt
"All over the world people need to have their rights respected. Thats basic for a human being."
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Kyungdo Jung

As Interviewed by Alvin Jung
"It's devastating that America didn't win the Vietnam War, but I think that Vietnam ended up being better than Korea is right now."
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Grazyna P.

As Interviewed by Gwen Park Markert
"Because when you look now in those east countries and see Putin and what he does with Ukraine, that wanted to join Poland and all those communities. It never happened and it still cost them so many lives and it's still going on. I think it's important just to cherish that. And to know that there are people all the time that still don't have those freedoms. "
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Michael G.

As Interviewed by Charlie Taylor
"I am not too thrilled about war, to tell you the truth. I don't understand why everybody wants to kill off somebody else. "
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Glenda Cervantes

As Interviewed by: Alejandro Cervantes
"The captain decided to release her because he didn't want her to continue living that difficult life. Which is a life of running away, living in the mountains, hiding."
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Karla Haney

As Interviewed by Patrick Haney
"It was a Civil War that put, sometimes, brother against brother, neighbors against neighbors, people didn't know who they could trust."
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Heidemarie Hochstein

As Interviewed by Alex Hochstein
"...families were divided: some lived in the East, some in the West. They couldn't visit each other anymore..."
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Billy Frost

As Interviewed by Ben Norwood
"My view was that it was a tragedy and a waste and something the United States should not have been involved in."
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Jolene Grajczyk

As Interviewed by Jack Terronez
"When we walk out here after court in the evenings, I tell the people that I'm walking out with, we are so lucky, because it's such a great experience to be able to see the transition from level one to level three and then graduation. It's really an awesome opportunity."
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Kenneth M. Bates

As Interviewed by Elizabeth Armstrong
"As a child I was told that there was a difference between the races, between black people and white people. I accepted that as being just facts because I was a child, and children do what their parents and grandparents tell them to do. Things have changed over the years, and I understand a difference now."
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Weston Mcqueen Binford Jr.

As Interviewed by Dennis Binford
"I think everybody should spend two years, and there should be no exemptions. There ought to be something everybody can do."
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Rosie Levin

Sydney Grossfeld
"It really was not a daily part of my life. I just lived like everybody else did although I knew I was different because I had no family."
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Brian Young

As Interviewed by Caden Cooper
"We were either really lucky or really stupid."
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Jeannine Thomas

As Interviewed by Anna Thomas
"Some Nazis came and requisitioned our house. We had to go sleep in the basement, the same place we would go during bombings."
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Sheldon Hawkins

As Interviewed by Jake Miller
"Now it's all just a distant memory"
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Kab-hue Lee

As Interviewed by Jean Lee
"Even though we mourn the dead, we must move on in our lives."
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Elizabeth Pillette

Caelen Pillette
"My mother said one day when she came back from the underground, every house opposite us along the road was flat"
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Rob Kohler

As Interviewed by Reagon Kohler
"For every action, there will always be an equal and opposite reaction. "
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Defen Chen

As interviewed by Crystal Zhou
"When somebody mentioned the Japanese, people knew that they were invaders and that they took advantage of the Chinese people."
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Elizabeth Hendrix

As Interviewed by Lisa Hendrix
"I always felt like Red Cross work was at least, in part, volunteer because you were working with so many people in different circumstances."
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Dan Hurley

As Intervewed by Nathan Hurley
"One thing I quickly realized, was that the Air Force was by far the best service to be in when it came to taking care of families."
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Bernard Manirakiza

As interviewed by Abigail Goff
"Coming from a third world country, we think of America as a rich country. We think everybody is rich and fancy. We think about all the tall skyscrapers. I went to school in small town called Abilene in west Texas. I was shocked! I couldn't believe that this was America. I thought they lied to me, this is not America."
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Eric H.

As Interviewed by Eden H.
"I was an officer, when I left I was sonar, torpedo, and Fire Control division officer -- so I was responsible for all the men who made sonar equipment work, and track things outside of the submarine as well as the torpedo men who were responsible for maintaining and being ready to operate the torpedo systems."
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Guy Perkins

As Interviewed by Luke Perkins
"I think anyone who goes into the military has a mindset. Going forward. The importance of the military. What that stands for. Experiencing that for myself did in fact change my view on war. War is sometimes absolutely necessary, but we need to do everything we can to prevent it."
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Aniko Paul

As Interviewed by Christopher Kellar
"My sister and I tried to escape the first night with a group of people, and we had to walk in December in very cold and snowy weather, and the rest of our group was caught by the Russian tanks. And my sister and I fortunately escaped by hiding in a ditch. We spent the night in the ditch, and the next night we tried again and didn’t succeed, but the third night we actually succeeded. We never found out what happened to the other people who were caught."
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Annabelle Trabanino

As Interviewed by Javi K.
"We believed in our cause."
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William Edwin Harris Jr.

As Interviewed by Adrian Haley
"Urban warfare is very, very hard because they don't have the t-shirt saying, ‘Hey I'm Taliban’ or ‘Hey I’m ISIS.’ They don't. They blend in."
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Tom Tower

As Interviewed by Henry Rodgers
"I went to Vietnam in 1968. It was the January, February timeframe... and that's when we got overrun. There in Tan Son Nhut, we didn't even have weapons."
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Mr. Bernald

As Interviewed by M.O.
"There is always something to live for even when you think there isn't."
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As Interviewed by Asahi Jige
"It was a very rough time in my life. Blood, bombs, and weapons flying all around the country, Japan. People starving to death and dying because of the war. It was a very hard time in my life."
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James Fitzpatrick

Jessie Buchanan
"And the thing was is that they could shoot over the wall at you, but you couldn't shoot back to them because you know, you were a guest in their country."
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