James Dvorak

As interviewed by Miles Dvorak
"And all of a sudden, there was a brilliant flash of orange light, and everyone kind of went, what was that? And you got about that far with what you said, and the shockwave hit."
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Zulfi Kureshi

As Interviewed by Anya Kureshi
"This is not the religion I believe in, this is somebody’s twisted view of religion."
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Robert "Bob" Williamson

As interviewed by Alex WIlliamson
"I looked back, and there was a mushroom cloud going up in the air. Hundreds and hundreds of feet, maybe thousands of feet in the air, near where the hooch was where my friends and I lived"
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Shaun Lamont

as interviewed by Phoenix Lamont
"A lot of people are still living the way they were 3000 years ago."
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O’neil Wiegele

As Interviewed by, Jackson Amy
"There was times when we didn't get the best of treatment but that is to be expected."
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Liuetenant Colonel (Retired) Melissa Fahrni

As Interviewed by Audric Scales
"You reach a point where you wonder, are you doing the right thing..."
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W.B. Woodruff Jr.

As Interviewed by Aiden Woodruff
"I got malaria. Nearly everybody over there got some malaria."
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Hans Ewe

As interviewed by Alec Ewe
"In the air you see life from another perspective."
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Joan and Myles Duffy

As Interviewed by Finn Duffy
"I always felt that war was far away, but yes, I did have a fear that war would come to our country."
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Don Bos

As Interviewed by Andres Hernandez
"You know they're just going off everywhere all around you. It wasn't a boom, it was a crack like somebody cracked a whip."
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Matt Chinn

as interviewed by Max Hoff
"Forests fires burn things down and the trees grow back and one day we aren't going to talk about this anymore."
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Peter Lips

As Interviewed by Annika Beach
"Everything was destroyed from the bombings."
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Saeb Salam

Shivani Regan
"...hearing bombs everyday, or not going to school once or twice a week is something that became kind of normal for me."
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U Aye

As Interviewed by Lorelai Myint
"If the U.S. hadn’t bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan would have never loosened their grip on us."
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George Westrom

As interviewed by Eli Cox
"I could see the bombs getting dropped out of the airplanes."
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Glenna M. Soirez

Ian Lin
"Our base was shelled nightly...you could always hear gunfire off base."
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Lillian Kao

As Interviewed by Belinda Lin
"It's better to run and live in a free country than live in a Communist country."
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9/11 Attacks

Gus Lindell
"No one anticipated planes with 100, 200 innocent people to be turned into weapons, killing everybody."
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Vijay Karnik

Arnav Karnik
"Natives like us... Indians, didn't have much of a say during England's regime."
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Walter "Skip" Frick Cox

As Interviewed by Miloni Patel
"Being in the military gives you a chance to serve something bigger than yourself."
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郝俊 and 常春

As interviewed by Edward Hao
"... only when you respect the knowledge and the teacher can the country and youth learn and advance..."
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William Booth

As interviewed by Nathaniel Reed
"Journalism is like writing the first draft of history. We get a good front seat to watch the world, and see what's happening."
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Gene Eisinger

As Interviewed by Megan Hart
"It was me and Tom, walking for six hours out in the dark."
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Kenji Fukuhara

As interviewed by Morgan Pascoe
"It’s kind of a, kind of a nightmare to tell you the truth."
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Rosy Leigh

As Interviewed by AJ L.
"Many of my pupils died during the war, when they went on the protests against the government, they were shot point blank. It was very sad to see them dying."
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Robert H. Abzug

As Interviewed by Dean Wysocki
"Those were some of the risks and I don't think it discouraged anyone, I think it just hardened us all to the fact that this might be what was happening and it was all the more to protest the war."
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Pamela Prescott Capps

As Interviewed by Praxis Faloon
"[. . .] Because of communication and global communication, this is our opportunity to connect and realize that we are all in this together, and this is where we can empower ourselves to control these mighty governments who in the past told us what to do, now, we really recognize that there are real people all over the planet, and it is our duty to be kind to each other."
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Bill Jennings

As Interviewed by Luke G
"The war was not a good war, if there is such a thing. It was a war where people were being exploited, both the Vietnamese that lived there and the young Americans that had gone over there to fight."
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Robert McPartland

As Interviewed by Jake M
"...The civilian population back in the states did not feel that the war was justified and were keen on letting those of us who were returning know how they felt."
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Manuel Lopez

As Interviewed by Nafi B.
"When the revolution came, we all supported Fidel Castro."
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Christine S

As Interviewed by Lily H
"War does not solve anything, nothing. It just leaves a lot of sadness, and is not good."
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Hanh Le

Denton Trinh
"Everyone look at us with eyes that show that we were less than them."
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Barbara C. Marquardt

As Interviewed by Eleanor J.
"There's students running everywhere, and all I can remember is going to class, walking up the steps, and there were young, young members of the National Guard. They were probably just my age, but they were holding weapons."
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Hank Mol

As Interviewed by Ian Becher
"You can't just believe the liberal news or conservative news, but to make an opinion for yourself. Get the facts."
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Miles P. Fischer

As Interviewed by Sam Fischer
"Sarajevo had been a major war zone, there had been a lot of fighting for several years, and pretty much everything was blown up."
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John Wagner

As Interviewed by Stella Rae Kinard
"This guy turns and he looks out the window, and on the back of his helmet he’s got this tape that says, 'If you ain’t got nothing, you ain’t got nothing to lose.' "
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Colonel Brij Mohan Malhotra

Rohan M.
"It always seems impossible unless it is done."
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Christopher Peele

Andrew Peele
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Kalsoom Begum

As Interviewed by Hamzah Rasool
"Don’t you think we have a right to speak Pakistani leadership when you are engaging with India on different issues? Where is Kashmir? We don’t want them to forget Pakistan."
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Nani Drory

As Interviewed by Jane Fulton
"I had no grandparents; I had no uncles, no aunts -- they were all murdered by the Nazis in concentration camps. "
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Michael L.

As Interviewed by Barrett Ruth
"This [9/11] happened to the country but it mainly happened to us [New Yorkers]."
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Byung Woo

As Interviewed by Jonathan Woo
"The police shot a dozen tear gas, so I could not see a foot away."
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Teresa Laskosz

As Interviewed by Bella Wysocki
"Mainly we were fighting for freedom. "
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Carol Furuta

As Interviewed by Mary E. Martinez
"It's really difficult to think that that happened to us, that that was… part of our history of Japanese people, and that something that was so wrong could happen, and I guess that's how it affects us."
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Gary Mevius

As Interviewed by Max Miller
"I'll never get a chance to do something like this, if I don't take this job."
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James Bradford

As Interviewed by Julia Tompkins
"Know what your mission is, and master all that you can about the elements of your mission and pursue it as hard as possible. "
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