Phyllis Nachamie

As Interviewed by Celia McDonald
"I donít expect for the people to stand up for me, but I fight for equality for everybody."
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Tania Tasneem

As Interviewed by Caleb Ellington
"I think that itís unfortunate and I just don't support it. I don't understand it as a Muslim person. I don't even understand how they can call themselves Muslim."
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Marisol A.

As Interviewed by Marisol Sobek
"We're still working on it, peopleís ignorance. We'll get there one day."
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Bijan Masumian

As Interviewed by Nicky Nair
"The Bahaíi faith is considered a heresy by the current Iranian government. "
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Ira Iscoe

As Interviewed by Adam Iscoe
"Being white didnít mean that you were safe against prejudices and stuff."
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Maisaa Tizani

As Interviewed by Zeena Jarrar
"We should be judged based upon how we act, not by our outward appearance."
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Mumtaz S.

As Interviewed by Jonah S.
"The partition was a big event in that sense Ė there was discrimination and there was no discrimination. There was not even a proper rule of law."
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