Rabbi Alan Freedman

As Interviewed by Billy T.
"I think that religion provides a real opportunity to try to promote social justice because it represents a broad section of our society. If religious leaders can get together and put aside their theological differences in order to serve a cause, thatís a very powerful statement. You donít want to paint over the differences, because there are beliefs I donít share with Christians or Muslims, but when youíre able to put that aside and say itís more important for us to come together as religious people to address a particular issue that makes a powerful statement."
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Karen O'Neil

As Interviewed By Elinor L.
"A girl looked at me and said, very disparagingly, 'You're Jewish, aren't you?'"
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Asad Kirmani

As Interviewed by Uma Riddle
"I had a group of friends in the mosque who were also in my high school, and we wanted to start a Muslim Association."
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Steven Todd

As Interviewed by Izzy Heffington
"You don't get to choose how bad a crime is. If somebody steals something, you don't get to choose what they take or how many windows they break. The victim gets next to no rights. The criminal gets all of the rights."
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Ria Ralli

As Interviewed by Ari Takvorian
"We couldn't believe somebody had actually killed him!"
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Thomas Tucker

As Interviewed by Shreya P.
"I know a lot of folks, where a partnerís gone into the hospital and they said that the other partner wasnít allowed to visit, because they werenít family."
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Maissa Tizani

As interviewed by Akram Elhagehassan
"The biggest misconception about Islam is the media, and nothing else is giving us a bad name"
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Hanne Flora Katz

As Interviewed by E.R.K.
"I felt like I didnít fit in a lot. This was World War II and I was German."
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