Raul DelFierro

As interviewed by Aidan C.
"It's so open here."
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Bahaa Ghobrial

As Interviewed by Kari Siegenthaler
"During the revolution we were Muslims and Christians protesting together. The religion thing is a card that leaders play with in order to divide people to different groups so they can control them. "
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Ada Seidemann

As Interviewed by Viktoria H.
"You don’t recover from your losses. You just leave because you are alive."
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Mark Salmenson

As Interviewed by Andrew S.
"As a child you didn't know why children three or four houses down the street wouldn't play with you. It just didn't make sense."
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Roshan Ahuja

As Interviewed by Ojas Ahuja
"Even though there are different languages in India, different religions, we are one."
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Harry W.

As Interviewed by William W.
"I used to go to Hebrew school and on the way home from Hebrew school, there was always kids and small gangs and groups that would taunt us and try to lure us into fighting with them."
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As Interviewed by Jack K.
"In the years leading up to the revolution, I knew that we had some relatives that had worked against the Shah. And several of them had been imprisoned. One of them was actually executed by the Shah’s government."
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L.R. Mahmood

Shazil A.
"Racism is a social evil, which is based on discrimination, coming out from color, race, and this type of other distinctive features."
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Patricia Bell

Interviewed By Joseph B.
"I do not believe it is a religious issue... There are extremists out there who will do things in the name of a religion, but it is not the religion itself."
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Houshang Pari

As Interviewed By Gabriel Palomares
"I did ask Brother Hicke, if the lord asked you for only three items, and he would bring them to pass, what would they be? He paused and looked at me and looked down and looked at me. I remember it very vividly. He said, 'Houshang, I would like to see that I buy a house. Secondly, I would like to see that my daughter get married not a big deal. And thirdly, I would like to see the freedom of religion in Iran.' "
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Merle Orelove

As Interviewed by Lia W.
"My heart was pounding. I thought 'Oh no, more prejudice, more antisemitism, here it comes.'"
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Soroush Azadi

As Interviewed by Sierra Guequierre
"My parents decided that instead of sending another child away, they would uproot their entire lives and try to take a risk and see if they could allow their kids an opportunity to be educated..."
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Rita Rowan

As Interviewed by Aubrey R.
"There’s supposed be 631 good deeds you do every day. But if you can do a few of those that help repair the world – that’s a good thing, and so the focus was always to heal the world, to repair the world."
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C. L. Wright

As Interviewd by Lydia J.
"I think it comes from a place of fear; 'What will happen if we do? Will something change in a way that will hurt us?'"
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Ramu Natrajan

As Interviewed By A. G.
"In India, the philosophy as such tells you that… why the Brahmins are in the heads, the Kshatriyas in the arms and legs, and then the vaishyas in your heart and in your tummy, and the shudras in your feet and legs."
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Tom Kovar

Calena Kovar
"I want them to know that the Holocaust did exist. I was a part of it."
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