Prem Sehgal

As Interviewed by TJ Arora
"If there was nothing between India and Pakistan then people could still live in peace. People could live their lives doing what their family had been doing for centuries."
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Anika Fassia

As Interviewed by Mallory G.
"I think they might seem like small acts of discrimination, but these things build up over time, and they all lead to make someone feel like they donít belong here. "
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N. Avila

As Interviewed by M.A
"America is a terrorist because what we did, is come in and we basically killed and we murdered and we took over the land of the Native Americans. So isn't it like that, how the Osama bin Laden wanted to do and North Korea wants to do, if they are terrorist also and so are we."
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Karim Hirani

As Interviewed by Aly H.
"I felt then that our country was violated, but also that my religion was hijacked by terrorists. And since then Islam has been viewed in a negative light in the western world."
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Lauren Schwab

As Interviewed by Ashley Ge
"Different is good, different is cool, find out about different, you're gonna learn something you might like."
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Angela Ferrari: In Her Own Words

As interviewed by Andrew Bolduc
"I would like to see more religious institutions in Austin, because we can organize out of a lot of them, besides schools and seven or eight, but I would like to see more of the faith institutions become involved in these issues because it is involved in Christian teachings, Jewish teachings, Muslim teachings, that you become involved with helping the poor."
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Marjorie Gaynor

As Interviewed By Sam Gaynor
"They had to start a new beginning, and leave all of their relatives, and all of their friends, and knowing they would never see each other again."
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Miriam Schumacher

As Interviewed by Jacob Greendyk
"The roads were big, the cars were big, the amount of food people ate was huge. It astounded me."
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Alice M.

As Interviewed by Hannah M.
"An Asian immigrant and a single mom is a combination of two negative attributes... I would go to the bookstore and I would not be served. I would go to a restaurant and I would not be served."
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Kerry Baker

Emily B.
"I would say that getting people to care more about what happens to their fellow human beings is the one thing that could really make a difference in the area of racial relations."
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Marty Feit

As Interviewed by Ulee Wintle
"Six-million people killed. Thatís a kind of high price to pay for people to accept you."
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Jacoba van Sitteren

As Interviewed by Caitlin Miller
"I donít know what it would be like to spend your first six years during a time that there isnít any war."
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Noah Kalish

As Interviewed by Sofia Pineda
"The Army doesn't discriminate. They just don't care..."
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