Aleksandr Ostrovsky

As Interveiwed bt Ava B.
"In, I don't remember, ‘74 or ‘75, the Communist party of Russia decided that desire to leave the Soviet Union is a symbol of mental illness—you must be crazy to decide to leave the Soviet Union"
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Lyndsi Shae Bostwick

As Interviewed by Rachel P.
"I felt like the purpose of my life was to feel real joy, not just to be tough."
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Afifa Nizami

As Interviewed by Jules H.
"I just felt like there was no equality between guys and girls. There was no justice."
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Hema Raja

As Interviewed by Nishtha T.
"I was always taught to think of humans as humans."
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A Man from Gaza

As interviewed by Yazan Abughazaleh
"Many many times in Gaza’s history, Gaza was destroyed and finished but come out again from ashes. As the bird of fire. "
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Rabbi Gail Swedroe

As Interviewed by Ethan Marks
"It is really sad that people who perpetuate anti-semitism always come to mind more."
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Freddy Schumer

As Interviewed by Aytahn Benavi
"It started with the curfews imposed on Jews -- we were obliged to wear stars. I wasn’t worried about having to wear a star; we just had to. There was no choice."
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John C.

As Interviewed by Hannah C.
"You know, ‘cause there are parts in India where Christians are burnt alive."
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