Lois Fingerman

As interviewed by Lillian Yeazell
"Some of the Jewish experiences were wonderful and some of them were very frightening."
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Rima Elhagehassan

Noor Elhagehassan
"" I love being around people who are more understanding and who believe I am a peaceful person and my religion is peaceful and that the scarf doesn't define me as a person""
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Mansi Mehta

As Interviewed By Ishaan M.
"Killing enlightened people is really not going to get us anywhere in this world we're, not going to achieve anything."
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Yasmeen Tizani

as interviewed by Laila Tousson
"It's kind of offensive when people are surprised that you're just normal."
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Atiq and Amina Khan

As Interviewed By Zayd Vlach
"Sometimes Saba would get down from the bus and she would be crying.... She was the only brown child in that school ."
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Blossom Steingraph

As Interviewed by Hayden P.
"My father was conscious of doing good and being kind to people in the sense that if he did something wrong, then it will reflect on the Jewish people."
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