Zulfi Kureshi

As Interviewed by Anya Kureshi
"This is not the religion I believe in, this is somebodyís twisted view of religion."
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Tony C.

As interviewed by Lila Wilson
"I only remember them catching me or tackling me once, but that fear was there every day."
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William Booth

As interviewed by Nathaniel Reed
"Journalism is like writing the first draft of history. We get a good front seat to watch the world, and see what's happening."
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Father Ray Pothireddy

As Interviewed by William J
"Why should I treat a fellow human being like that?"
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Farah Abdulazeez

As Interviewed by Davis Palmer
"Now you hear the media; she is and he is, but never, back then we were all the same."
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Kalsoom Begum

As Interviewed by Hamzah Rasool
"Donít you think we have a right to speak Pakistani leadership when you are engaging with India on different issues? Where is Kashmir? We donít want them to forget Pakistan."
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Manzoor Lughmani

As Interviewed By Amani Ahmad
"And we were so afraid of what will happen nowÖ will they set our house on fire or kill us? And we were praying, praying and praying."
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Nani Drory

As Interviewed by Jane Fulton
"I had no grandparents; I had no uncles, no aunts -- they were all murdered by the Nazis in concentration camps. "
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Munshoor R.

As Interviewed by Zeshan R
"Hate only brings Hate."
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Moushumi Dey

As Interviewed by Soh Nishiyama
"People are very good by nature. I donít think people are born evil."
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Muna Hussaini

As Interviewed by P. E.
"As soon as they found out it was some white guy, the coverage completely cut out."
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