Nuri Vallbona

As Interviewed by Kachelle Kaufhold
"Sometimes I couldn't fall asleep because of the images from the camps. I just couldn't get them out of my head."
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John Zou

As Interviewed by Michael Zou
"Like most immigrants, I came here for a better life."
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Michael J.

As interviewed by Leonardo Praderas
"Iíve always been gay, from age 5 years old. I knew I was gay. I grew up in a family of 5 boys, and I figured that I liked doing things with my mom than going out with my brothers and shooting things."
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Roy Rodriquez

As Interviewed by Hyeonseung Lee
"We lost a lot of lives; we lost a lot of soldiers and civilians. I didnít agree."
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Ricardo B. Lara

As Interviewed by Francis L.
"Even though, as a single person, you cannot change the entire country you can always turn a soul one by one and hopefully, you are able to affect more people and they will be able to affect more people and the entire nation will change."
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Antonio Gonzales

As Interviewed by Roby Mora
"I wasn't really in the war but I was prepared at anytime to give my life for my country."
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Norma Barr

As Interviewed by Sarah P.
"I wanted to find out, how did the women back in the late seventies, early eighties, achieve a high level within their organization when there was a clear, discrimination against them?"
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Diana Davis

As Interviewed by Caelynn Moon
"They didn't need a friend, they needed an adult that they could trust, and look up to."
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Fernando Velasco

As Interviewed by Naveen Yarlagadda
"I had a very loving family who taught me that racism and segregation was not the only thing in the world."
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Angelica Ruiz

As Interviewed by Ariela Cantu
"There is a big difference living here rather than living in Mexico. Right now there is a lot of violence. The cartels are fighting over power, and the people living there are very insecure."
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Jeffery Lasater

As Interviewed by Nica Lasater
"Most people donít know that football players actually take ballet to get stronger and more athletic."
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Rosa Colloza

As Interviewed by Daniel M. Ortiz
"I want the war to end, I want to go home to Mexico, and be able to walk to my friend's house. But I cant, it's like we can't do anything. I sense ignorance, it's made us all scared."
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Minh Phan

As Interviewed by T.N.
"Many Chinese were not welcome, so they didn't treat the Chinese very well. That was when we decided to go."
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Fay Heighway

As interviewed by Mathew Heighway
"Men got killed in the mines. Children lost their fathers in the mine."
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James "Jim" Marcus

As Interviewed by Finlay Scanlon
"The hardest part of the job is the responsibility of the consequences, of me carrying someoneís life in my hands. Most cases donít end well. If you end up on death row in Texas, they have a very high chance of being executed. Iíve had clients executed. And thatís incredibly difficult. I always wonder, 'What if I had made this decision instead of that decision. What if I had tried a different argument?' Weíre constantly called upon to make strategic decisions, and when they donít work itís pretty hard not to second guess yourself. I wonder if I couldíve gotten a stay of execution if I had gone through door number two instead of door number one."
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Kerstin Somerholter

As Interviewed by Connor Somerholter
"I grabbed my camera and some money, told the doorman I was going across the street to make a call, and took a taxi to the West German embassy."
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Angie Luck

As Interviewed by Stella Luck
"So if youíre gay and youíre able to live your life as a gay person and be accepted and loved by your family and friends, and not be discriminated against in the greater world then being gay is just like being straight, thereís nothing different about it. Itís only when people cross over those lines and ignorance takes hold and when people do stupid things that it is any different at all."
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Nada Gavrilov

As Interviewed by Nicholas Ray
"And when we came to Halifax. where we got off the ship, we were very happy. We were free."
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Jose N. Elias

As Interviewed by Jose M. Castro
"Do what you need to do first, then do everything else."
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Mr. Singh

As Interviewed by Shivang Singh
"I believe that education should be equal for everyone."
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Susan Cantwell

As Interviewed by Sebastian Bell
"I got slapped and spit on by some football players for trying to defend one kid."
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Burton Bagby-Grose

As Interviewed by Sarah Edgar
"I think that parenting is supposed to be about love."
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Mike Martinez

As Interviewed by Y.V.
"Everybody on the City Council, right now, every single one of us, loaned ourselves money to get elected. And I donít think you should have to do that; I think that if your dirt poor and want to run for office, your should have a fair shot at running for office."
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Eugene Tarrant

As Interviewed by Grace Ann Hornfischer
"We are all the same. You cut me, I cut you, and we both bleed red blood. There is no difference there."
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Kiran Kheni

As Interviewed by Sarthak More
"I moved to the United States for my children's future."
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Thomas Tucker

As Interviewed by Shreya P.
"I know a lot of folks, where a partnerís gone into the hospital and they said that the other partner wasnít allowed to visit, because they werenít family."
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Bear Atwood

As Interviewed by Matthew Weinberg
"The way we think about the work that we do is that it can't just be lawyers telling people this is what people need. It has to be people living in their own communities saying this is what we need and lawyers assisting in the legal part of that. I don't want to go in and tell people what they need in their own lives because people know that already. And I don't always know what someone else needs, just as they might not know what I need."
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John Zou

As Interviewed by Michael Zou
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Damaris Nicholson

As Interviewed by Angelo S.
"I do believe itís possible to fix the law system to be fair to all races, I believe that racism was created, many many years ago, and so If something has been created by us, then we are able to remove this from our society."
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Guillermo Ortuno

As Interviewed by David Ortuno
"I came to America to work; I think that America is a country with many opportunities for immigrants who want to get ahead."
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Marie Evans

As Interviewed by Aidan E-S
"I wanted women to be able to govern their own lives, have their own bank accounts, and be independent people."
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Muralinda Rao Vavilikolanu

As Interviewed by Anusha V.
"Indian independence is a legendary struggle. There were many people who fought in number of ways against British rule."
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Ron Dorko

As Interviewed by Kyle W.
"We were considered a minus site. In other words, during an invasion, we were to destroy the whole site Ė like blow it up. We could literally blow the whole top of the mountain if we wanted to."
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Patrick Kinney

As Interviewed by Haley T.
"We wanted her to go to Santa Cruz High, and theyíre supposed to accommodate her, but instead they were going to put her in a trailer in the asphalt parking lot behind the school."
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Morrokat Sornnarin

As Interviewed by Amelia N.-C.
"I had to do laundry for everybody in my household, and that was my mom, and my four older brothers. And then I had to wash all of the dishes that everyone had, when my family had lunch or breakfast or dinner, so I was the dishwasher, and I have to clean my house, and wash and mop the floor, and I had to clean the bathroom, so usually on weekends, that was kind of my main working day at home on the weekends, and I had to iron everybodyís clothes, too, after Iím done with their laundry, so usually I would be done by 2-3 pm on Saturday, starting at around 8:00 in the morning."
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Maria Loera

Daniel Loera
"I am proud to be 100% Mexican."
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Angel Werch

As Interviewed by Zev Mellon-Werch
"I often got the same answer. They needed everything."
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Don and Jo Rettberg

As Interviewed by Julia Bradley
"It was really an eye opener that if you worked hard enough, and had a cause that was worth working for, something could be done."
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Olivia M.

As Interviewed by Vijay Veeraraghavan
"I think itís important that everyone be treated like a human being, regardless of where you were born or what your financial situation is. Thatís just basic, everyone needs that."
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Timothy Bertotti

As Interviewed by Edison B.
"Overall, it (USAID) has been extremely successful, and has potentially staved off wars in many countries."
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Jun Gao

As Interviewed by Amanda Xia
"We cannot understand their official reasons, but we must abide by the laws."
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Mikail Davenport

As Interviewed by Alana Raper
"...I was very fortunate I was only paralyzed on my left leg."
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Maissa Tizani

As interviewed by Akram Elhagehassan
"The biggest misconception about Islam is the media, and nothing else is giving us a bad name"
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Eric Nietubicz

As Interviewed by Jacob R.
"I was known in my high school as the theater guy, but then all the sudden, I was also the dyslexic kid."
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Margaret C. Kremer

As Interviewed by Ezra Serrins
"Back in the olden days, in 1964 or so, President Kennedy made a famous speech in which he said 'Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country,' and the spirit of that speech caught on..."
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Hanne Flora Katz

As Interviewed by E.R.K.
"I felt like I didnít fit in a lot. This was World War II and I was German."
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Juan Francisco Blanco

As interviewed by Alex Phillips
"The Government imposes everything, this makes me feel so bad. They don't let you grow up, if the Government in Cuba was not like this, I would've never left my family. The Government in Cuba is the worst. Be proud of the American Government, they help you, and let you grow up."
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Stephanie Thomas

As Interviewed by Maya Lawrence
"Each one of us is just one accident away from being disabled."
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Tisa Tedder

As Interviewed By Emily Pinigis
"We always say 'It's okay, to be gay.'"
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Zhongcai Zhou

As interviewed by Warren Zhou
"It is not necessarily true that rich people are happier than poor people."
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James Edmonds

As Interviewed by Conell Fuka
"On a sucessful mission you feel good, but if someone gets hit, or worse yet, killed, based on a decision you made, you feel bad."
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Nada Gavrilov

As Interviewed by Nicholas Ray
"When we got off of the ship, we were very happy. We were free, and we were free to work."
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Marta Gonzalez

As Interviewed by Kincaid Leonard
"My son, when he is 9 years, he immigrate here. I support him now at 18 year."
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Julia Bednar

As Interviewed by Erik R.
"Women can do anything they want to now, but there's a price to that. There's a price to everything."
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Roberta Tsukahara

As Interviewed by Ashley Gonzales
"So, their mission was to find homes for children who were not wanted."
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Robert Alexander Torres Sr.

As Interviewed by Robert Rodriguez
"She was probably five, six years old at the most. She looked up at me and she said, 'Youíre a dirty Mexican.' And I was just flabbergasted, I was just... shocked."
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Adolfo Alvarado

Luis Ramirez
"I come from San Luis de La Paz, Guanajuato."
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Jung Mi Hong

As Interviewed by A.K.
"Society is always taken by surprise at any given moment."
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Helen Huang

As Interviewed by Michael Xu
"When I went to school there, we walked about five miles in the morning, in the dark. The teacher had to go with the kids together from one village to another. Because there were adult waist high weeds or some other crops. There were sometimes wild animals wandering around. Normally the teacher carries a long wooden stick to scare away the animals. "
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Shamsi Mokhtari

As Interviewed by Auva S.
"We are guests to the Americans. They shouldn't treat us like this. They should treat us like their guests. They should treat us the way they treat everyone else."
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Lynn and Ann M.

As Interviewed by Phoebe Lasater
"When he came out to his family, as far as being openly gay, they put him in a mental hospital trying to cure him of it."
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Paul Turner

As Interviewed by Aidan W.
"There were some students who felt they were isolated in their new school because they didn't feel accepted by the people that were the current student body. In some cases, there was even violence, where people got into fights, and people were using racial epitaphs, and things like that."
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Robert Link

As interviewed by Quinn Kennedy
"What the Innocence Project is finding is that a lot of cases are 20-30 years old and it turns out that evidence was connected but never really tested!"
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Carol Goulet

As Interviewed by Emily Goulet
"As a child, I swam in a pool with a sign saying Restricted on the outside. It wasn't until I got older when I found out that that meant only certain races could swim there. That angered me."
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Meg Barnhouse

As Interviewed by Cyrus Cutter
"And sometimes you donít even know when you are getting discriminated against because you donít get a job or you donít get asked to do something or asked to join a certain group. You donít know is it because Iím a woman, because iím unitarian, is it because Iím gay or is it they just donít like me."
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Chrissie C.

As Interviewed by Jared R.
"I think just by working hard and working with other females in the industry that, that was my contribution to try to have females respected."
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Angie Montalvo

As Interviewed by Andrew H.
"...the first thing she told me was to take a shower and she said that my skin looked like kind of dirty so I felt sort of something bad. It was just my skin color."
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Rhonda Jefferson

As Interviewed by M. Barnes
"And I will never forget this, and I got on the bus, and another kid, who I thought was my friend, was sitting with a bunch of other kids, and they were talking about their summer plans. I was all excited because in the summer we went to the pool. Well, she blurts out 'Why are you going to the pool? Black people donít swim.'"
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Stanislav Zabic

As Interviewed by Quinn Simpson
"So in this war situation, which I really wish nobody was in, you can either just lose your mind or you can try to find some life."
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Gloria Bruno

As interviewed by S.B.
"I couldn't understand why there had to be so much violence in Texas. I just wish there wasn't so much violence in the world."
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Paula Salinas

As Interviewed by K.B.
"The hard thing is that sometimes stereotypes come from something but you have to look beyond that and see what is the basis of the stereotype and I think a lot of times itís just laziness."
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Tim Wheat

As Interviewed by Noah Savage
"One of the things that has been oppressive about people with disabilities law is that people think of them as patients, and not people."
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Josie Ruedas

As Interviewed by J.M.
"I think that I was work too hard and not fairly paid enough."
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Swati Sarda

As Interviewed by Yash Sarda
"Diversity needs to be celebrated, not dictated."
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Ms. Cynthia LaFond

As Interviewed by Henry Borowski
"She needed someone to believe in her and trust that she had goodness and was capable. Thatís all I contributedÖand friendship. I was genuine with her."
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Jim Harrington

As Interviewed by Jordan Langmore
"Our economic structure is the basis of bias."
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Terees Jenkins

As Interviewed by Jacob Wallace
"The guards never took him to his follow up appointment, and he couldnít say anything because his jaw was wired shut."
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Ben Carrington

As Interviewed by Ian G.
"Thereís a saying that 'for evil to continue, good people must remain silent', in other words itís not just enough to say, well Iím against people getting treated badly, but the question is, what are you actually doing to stop that from happening? And if you're not actually doing anything then really youíre just paying lip-service to it..."
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