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Lolita Kressin

As Interviewed by Liam Kressin
"One of the reasons he tried never to do criminal cases was because all of the clients lied."
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Anbarasi Kumar

As Interviewed by Liaa K.
"What works in life is hard work."
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Hannah Gordon

As Interviewed by Alden Little
"I think everyone should have healthcare regardless of how healthy you think you are, because you can never determine what will happen, and it can be pretty catastrophic and ruin the rest of your life."
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Carol King

As Interviewed by Drew Buerger
"I saw total segregation. It seemed normal to me, I didn't know anybody Black."
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Richard Cutts

As Interviewed by Jaxon C.
"It's not until you are in a situation where you essentially feel what discrimination is really like that you think about how wrong it really is."
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Limuel Jackson

As Interviewed by Evan Ellis
"Wisdom is insight. You got to be courageous to go out there go find it. When you find the truth, it's going to be hard to deal with because it's going to challenge everything that you once thought you, you believed everything that you cherished everything that you was ever taught by your parents your teachers everyone. But you will benefit greatly from it... And this is so. Seek the truth."
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Dr. Ben Warner

As Interviewed by Ella Glasscock
"...we're wired to be suspicious of people who are different...[we] like safety and security...we don't like being forced into adaption..."
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As Interviewed by Andrew Homsy
"I definitely don't support segregation in a bad way, but I do support allowing people to be different and not be molded into one, one wad of people."
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Teresa Santh

As interviewed by Elena Keitt
"All over the world people need to have their rights respected. Thats basic for a human being."
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Helena Way

as interviewed by Leena Jere
"They do treat me differently. They treat a little bit like an out-of-control child... most of the time."
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Gabriel K. Tsang

As Interviewed by Zachary Lee
"In my life, I really experienced the hatred, the poor, the suffering, and no future."
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Derrick Gunter

As interviewed by Ishan Ladhani
"They're out there going and changing the world and I cry a lot - tears of joy."
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Alba Melgar

As Interviewed by Miguel L.
"Through the language you can know different cultures. And when you know different cultures you realize that other people is like you."
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Tommy Navarre and Jim Mauseth

As Interviewed by Ava McGuire
"I didn't make a decision to be gay."
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Gay Mikelson

As Interviewed by Maya M
"Helping folks in need is important to me, seeing them work on putting their lives back together and succeeding is very rewarding."
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Susan P.

As Interviewed by Sophie N.
"We get very moving letters from the grandparents of whoever the caretaker is for the child--how the child might go to bed with the CD, or the CD is played everywhere they go, and how happy it makes them."
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Aleida Phillips

As Interviewed by Dawson Phillips
"There was a very, very noticeable degree of gender discrimination. My choices were feminine degrees, i.e. education and nursing. I was very intelligent, I thought, and I thought about engineering, but the engineering school did not accept women. So I had to make choices. I did not want to be a teacher, I did not want to be a nurse, so I chose going to a business school in another state."
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Chris R.

As interviewed by Logan Poore
"The president does not have the authority to pass executive decisions that will affect the people's right to keep and bear arms."
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Nora Skiba

As Interviewed by: Ben Robison
"My would be don't just take it, fight back, and you'll be a stronger person. Its just ot right, its not appropriate."
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Sloan McLain

As Interviewed by Beckett Schmeil
"I do think we're moving forward, and I do think Thailand is very male dominated and people don't believe that women have the same privileges but women are really freaking smart, and in groups especially women are powerful I think . And I do think that over time that equality will be there. I think it takes time. I think with a lot of things that are really important, they take time."
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Harry G. Reid

As Interviewed by Ryan Schuelke
"We drove to Memphis. I remember my father going into a restaurant and seeing if the girls - I had two older sisters, and an older brother - could come in to use the restaurant. The man looked and said "Okay." Then he saw the people getting out of the car, so he was told "I will sell you your lunch, but you can't eat here." To use the bathroom, you'll have to go around back for the women, which were outhouses, basically. They had indoor plumbing, but we were not allowed to use it. "
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Jose Taylor

As Interviewed by André T.
"People will do anything for money even if it means killing students, taking rights, and breaking promises."
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Connor Breen

As interviewed by Hayden Tomazin
"I think we were unaware of, of the bias we were projecting it's largely because we've grown up with it."
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Claudette Jane Woytek

As Interviewed by Ben Woytek
"I think black people felt that they needed to have more rights, more freedom, it just goes back to the days when they were slaves. They felt that they needed to be raised up and fight for their rights. "
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Rebekah Skelton

As Interviewed by J.Y.
"You really have to be committed to keeping students in school, no matter what, to prevent them from coming into contact with the criminal justice system."
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Delwin Goss

As Interviewed by: K.A.
"You actually see some of the rays of sunshine and the light of hope just from a little bit of volunteering. It's a pretty huge payback for what work you can put into it."
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Sarah Sloan

As Interviewed by Harry B.
"People aren't comfortable with somebody who is different then they are. When a majority of people are something, and somebody comes along and they are a little bit different then they are, they're scared, they're sacred of what they don't know."
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Patricia Curry

As Interviewed by Braden Bradford
"Because it is like a culture."
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Emi Ashida

As Interviewed by Mandalyn Castleberry
"Imagine trying to pick up your whole house, when you were told that you could only bring one bag, and all that you would carry. That's what my parents had to go through, with their families."
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Edwin Batista

As Interviewed by Evelyn B
"...there was a law professor that said that Latino and African American cultures accept failure as a norm. That was quite a racist comment that was made at the university level... "
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Linn Neely

As Ineterviewed by: I.C.
"And they called me by my name and asked me my opinion. And I was in shock."
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Kyungdo Jung

As Interviewed by Alvin Jung
"It's devastating that America didn't win the Vietnam War, but I think that Vietnam ended up being better than Korea is right now."
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Sandra Ramirez

As Interviewed by Liam Langert
"If I could change one thing, I think that everybody who is active and has a positive influence and is contributing into this country should be able to be a U.S. citizen."
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Sally Lucksinger

As Interviewed by Emmi Lucksinger
"We didn't have a lot of those kids in the classroom. Which I think wasn't a good thing because we really didn't get to know those kids. We just thought, 'Oh. They're in special ed. Something's wrong with them.' But I think we got smarter and we realized that these kids are just kids."
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Joe Del Prado

As interviewed by Alec Lippman
"Sometimes you went to a restaurant, and sometimes it took a little bit long, and maybe it was because they were busy. In your mind you thought maybe it was taking long because you were Hispanic, so it was always in the back of your mind. "
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Marta Sanchez

As interviewed by Orlando Mora
"Yes I do have a specific situation that I can still remember about after I got my GED, I started going to college, and I remember my English teacher in one time in the class. She was saying that Hispanics or Mexicans weren't smart enough to continue college. That we all were doing good only flipping burgers and working in the fields, that made me feel very sad and angry because that is not true. We as Hispanics do believe we are smart enough to continue college and have a degree. As white people or any other race."
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Deborah Fowler

As Interviewed by Ava M.
"We were really surprised when we looked at all the numbers for school districts statewide to see that there are thousands of elementary school students who get suspended out of school. I am particularly concerned about that because of the impact it can have on a student’s trajectory. Kids who are suspended even once can have an increased likelihood of dropping out and of grade retention and contact with the juvenile justice system."
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As interviewed by Sophia Olivares
"I interpret the word feminist very positively. I interpret the word feminist as being pro women. We should all be feminists because we should all believe that women have equal opportunities and equal rights as men. So to me being a feminist is being pro women."
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Grazyna P.

As Interviewed by Gwen Park Markert
"Because when you look now in those east countries and see Putin and what he does with Ukraine, that wanted to join Poland and all those communities. It never happened and it still cost them so many lives and it's still going on. I think it's important just to cherish that. And to know that there are people all the time that still don't have those freedoms. "
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Kathy Bolstorff

As Interviewed by Jonah Rosholt
"I don't think we should discriminate against the disabled any more than we should discriminate against anyone who is different than ourselves. They should have equal opportunity to do whatever they'd like within course reason and the law."
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Stephanie Touchstone

As Interviewed by Nathaniel Smith
"Who’s tappin’ into the vocational talents of those kids who have gifts in their hands?"
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Michael G.

As Interviewed by Charlie Taylor
"I am not too thrilled about war, to tell you the truth. I don't understand why everybody wants to kill off somebody else. "
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Keffrelyn D. Brown

As Interviewed by Erin T.
"We have more access, but not necessarily better experience, and that's tough for people to swallow."
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Rosa T

As Interviewed by Gilberto Trevino
"Being poor people is not bad, because you can make a strong life because you look for a job and you gonna work for money to live."
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John Williams

As Interviewd by Satchel WIlliams
"Well I always think that there’s a movement towards liberation."
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Lynn Boswell

As Interviewed by Luke Yium
"For decades, our educational system had relied on what they called separate but equal schools. And, in reality, the schools were separate by race, but they were very rarely, if ever equal."
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Glenda Cervantes

As Interviewed by: Alejandro Cervantes
"The captain decided to release her because he didn't want her to continue living that difficult life. Which is a life of running away, living in the mountains, hiding."
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Robert Notzon

Interviewed by Kai Cole
"Its always been something that motivated me, this idea that people are treated badly for no good reason."
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Tessa Nichols

As Interviewed by Karma D.
"I wanted everybody to care just as much about my team's games and what we were doing as the guys’ teams, the guys’ sports definitely got more attention than the girls. "
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John Carsey

As Interviewed by Peyton Dashiell
"The only unfairness is not the system. It is the people with the system. Because humans are humans, and they are subject to prejudices and human error."
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Karla Haney

As Interviewed by Patrick Haney
"It was a Civil War that put, sometimes, brother against brother, neighbors against neighbors, people didn't know who they could trust."
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Heidemarie Hochstein

As Interviewed by Alex Hochstein
"...families were divided: some lived in the East, some in the West. They couldn't visit each other anymore..."
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Dr. Caren McCready

As interviewed by Andra K.
"All the girls in my class wanted to be nurses, and I came home and my mother said 'There's no reason you can't be a doctor, you can do anything a guy can do.'"
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Ana M.R.

As interviewed by Jack k
"I do wish they would make it a little easier on the people that actually want to work and actually are productive."
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Marylou Peterson

As Interviewed by Violet K.
"I was afraid when fires started, because I wondered what was going to happen, because things were totally out of control, and of course it was frightening, because you wondered, ‘Am I gonna walk out on the street and encounter some of this?’ You just never knew."
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Nidhi Gupta

As interviewed by Kashvi L
"This really cheated me into thinking that I really wish that I was from the American origin and I was born here. "
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Tania Edith

Interviewed by Eddy Leon
"The government does a big change in the world."
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As Interviewed by Dito M.
"I understand much more and I know now that those are problems that those people have. They're not mine. I see them as people who are ignorant."
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Billy Frost

As Interviewed by Ben Norwood
"My view was that it was a tragedy and a waste and something the United States should not have been involved in."
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Sanjay Patil

As Interviewed by Yash Patil
"The law says that if you employ an immigrant they should be payed equal prevailing wages that a company would have payed to an American. But that rarely happens."
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Nancy Fares

As Interviewed by Shreya Ramanathan
"I feel that girls think that they’re offending others by being smart and that they need to dumb themselves, and we need to stop ourselves and others from doing that. "
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Elissa C. Steglich

As Interviewed by Dhruv Ruttala
"Our detained clients in particular just are so thankful to have us helping"
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Jon Lebkowsky

As Interviewed by David SoucieGarza
"There was a potential for law enforcement and government to misunderstand technologies and make bad policy. They realized that all sorts of wrong turns were possible in the future of computer networks as they evolved - and they were clearly going to evolve."
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John S.

As Interviewed by Alex S.
"My parents had plenty of opportunity for low level jobs, lots of opportunities. People were open. If you did what you were supposed to do you really make friends here. Americans are very open."
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Jolene Grajczyk

As Interviewed by Jack Terronez
"When we walk out here after court in the evenings, I tell the people that I'm walking out with, we are so lucky, because it's such a great experience to be able to see the transition from level one to level three and then graduation. It's really an awesome opportunity."
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Mariel Stotts

As Interviewed by: Alex Yang
"Normally, in the United States, I don't ever feel like people don't think that I can't do certain things because I'm a woman, or that I can't go certain places, or that I may not have an opinion that's as valid as a man's opinion. I've never never really felt that before here in Austin, but in Nicaragua, I did feel that way."
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Prabha Murthy

As Interviewed by Sachin Allums
"...You want to be able to stand on your own two feet, look at what achievements you have, and be appreciated for who you are as a person."
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Ray Martinez

As interviewed by Tess Ancipink
"...what she said to me is basically your dream of going to college well let's just be more realistic is what she said you're probably not going to make it anyway. So just why don't you just start looking for a job."
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Coach Vela

As Interviewed by Emma Arce
"Now if you go to East Austin you won’t see a single Mexican American, they’re all white. What they did is they raised the taxes up to where the Mexican American people could not afford them."
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Sandra Logodice

As Interviewed By Andrew Barre
"...Because of my accent people were not so acceptable of me they did not consider me one of them.""
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Ethel Ponson

As interviewed by Grayson Brewster
"And she said 'Oh, I just wanted to remind her to bring my prune juice in the morning.'"
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Emily Little

As Interviewed by Sofia B.
"I have a friend who is one year older than I am who tried to go to undergraduate school so she would have been trying like six years earlier than I did and they told her 'No, no, you won't go to architecture school, you would go to interior design school.' They wouldn't let her apply."
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Ora Elliot Houston

As Interviewed by Warren C.
"So how did you make that decision in your mind that I didn't deserve the same kind of respectful title that you gave everybody else?"
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Judy Cortez

As interviewed by Christian Delgado-Savage
"We want to approach the gender discrimination in a way that it's happening, please recognize it, and let's do something about it together."
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David J Gordon

As interviewed by: Lilli Gordon
"There will always be those types of hateful people who will refuse to change and accept people, but I know that for every one person like that there are ten who would stand up and accept, and that gives me hope."
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Jen Moreno

As Interviewed by E.H.
". . . People, no matter who they are or where they're from or what they look like or what they do . . . or just how they live their lives, should have equal access to social institutions should be treated equally by the law. "
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Altamese Greer

As Interviewed by Monica Jones
"I think my father and my mother and my grandfather and my grandparents made it very clear that things change, but they change over time and don't change quickly. You have to acclimate to those changes and work within those boundaries in order to affect change and part of that was going to those integrated schools."
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Theresa Church

As Interviewed by Romi Klein
"So I go to the gym all the time and I know most of the people there. And this one day I come out of the gym and there was a note on my car. And it just said "Go Away"....I was just upset but more sad. It was kind of like, "Well where am I supposed to go, this is where I am"."
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Robert D. Batlan

As interviewed by Elijah Kleinman
"People would have died without the food."
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John Allen McLaughlin the 2nd

As Interviewed by Sophia McLaughlin-Diaz
"Thank goodness we live in the country that we live in in and you know that you can believe what you want to believe and in a religion you know."
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Shelton Green

As Interviewed by Erica M
"It's so hard to think that when we just go shopping that there could really be someone at the beginning of the supply chain that made that shirt that may be treated really, incredibly unfairly... The more and more research I did, it really got driven home for me that there really is this kind of underbelly part of these supply chains where people just aren't free."
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Ruth Tovar

As Interviewed by Joanne Parada
"Racism is unfortunately part of a lot of people’s cultures. It’s the reason when there’s a brown person passing by or a black person passing by; people will lock their doors, and women hold their purses tighter."
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Darlene Byrne

As Interviewed by Amelia Roberts
"So I think I look at the world in a much more hopeful light than I would have, had I not done this docket because I’ve seen people with so little, with everything stacked against them, survive and thrive…"
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Bill Spelman

As Interviewed by Ronan Spelman
"So there is no particular point in carrying a gun for 'self defense;' it is just a dumb idea."
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William Bennett

As interviewed by Evan Scariano
"I punched the tape recorder and broke the tape. She comes back about a week later and finds the broken tape, and she said,I've got go to some meeting, but when I get back, I'm gonna tear your hide, I'm gonna beat you. So she left, and I left."
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Pete Arciniega

As Interviewed by Juliette Cloutier
"Over there and over here: big difference. So, over there, they understand that they need God. Here, we're losing that, little by little."
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Weston Mcqueen Binford Jr.

As Interviewed by Dennis Binford
"I think everybody should spend two years, and there should be no exemptions. There ought to be something everybody can do."
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Joe Wayne Dias

As interviewed by Tyler D.
"The Ohio National Guard were in line, on a field, and the students rushed towards the National Guard; The National Guard feared for their lives and they fired. "
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Thea Luong

As Interviewed by Leo LeFebre
"We left Vietnam because my parents believed in capitalism, and not communism, they believed that one should have the freedom to be free to pursue and work hard and be able to reap the reward of your efforts."
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Larry G.

As Interviewed by Ailsa Grieve
"...people are immigrating to the United States, because they see it as an opportunity. They want to come here to work, to try and better themselves."
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Robin L. Scott

As Interviewed By Ellie R.
"You can see the confusion on their faces, followed sometimes by a good amount of staring. I understand that it's usually just confusion and curiosity, but sometimes it also involves a significant amount of unease in their interaction with him."
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Anne Dover

As Interviewed by Georgia Dover
"When you're in something together, you just don't know any different."
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Geneva Schmitt

As Interviewed by James M
"I really feel inspired when I see a woman in the media with a powerful career that's standing up for women's rights, that kind of makes me feel like I have more opportunities."
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Cong Tran

As interviewed by A.P.
"You know, if it weren't for the Communists and their ideals, Vietnam would have become a better country in general. Because of the Communists, Vietnam would now need 20, if not 30 years to become as successful as a country like present-day Singapore. Even then, Singapore would continue to become more and more successful."
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Libby Cravens

As Interviewed By Ashton Wong
"We need to be telling girls, 'Yes you can'."
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Jan Sanders

As interviewed by Matthew Winkler
"They formed that (Women's Center of Dallas). They worked with the medical school and police department in relation to domestic violence and rape and I produced a video tape of a dramatization of a kind of scene that can take place in a family where violence occurred and how it can be dealt with in a more humane way."
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Ying Xu

As Interviewed by Amy Huang
"Emotionally it's keep myself busy; well, I don't need to keep myself busy. I'm always busy. I always have things to do, at work and at home."
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Heather Ann Brauer

As Interviewed by Christelle Chatelain
"This is what GUM’s about, this is what we're going to go do. And then we said, 'We're going to build a national volunteer structure that's just for girls and we're going to create a curriculum that has leadership and ultimate, that focuses on girls and we are going to create pilot programs, and we are going to try something new and exciting every year, and we want to see how it is doing, and if it does great, we’ll keep doing it, and we're going to use those things to help increase participation.' "
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