Erin Martinson

As Interviewed by Gavin Andrew
"The most important tool I have is my voice."
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Chuck N

As Interviewed by Charlotte B
"I think the in many ways it helped me grow stronger too because it made me realize what’s really important about me and it’s not winning the approval of everyone around me."
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Martha King

As Interviewed by Genevieve Bentz
"Life goes on and that’s what happens and you just live with it."
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Ashvin Bhavsar

As Interviewed by Rohan Bhavsar
"200% change. Big changes from India to Canada."
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Stephanie Cisneros

As interviewed by Maddy C
"You always know there is going to be that one time when they decide they don’t want to go back and we are there for them when that happens. "
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Gloria Harrington

As Interviewed by Ayla Clem
"It's still, at my age, it's still hard to comprehend such hatred."
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Prameela S.

Dhiya D.
"I want to tell the girls that freedom is your birthright, you don't have to suppress because you are a girl."
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Leila Wood

As Interviewed by Nathaniel Heffron
"One thing that is really important to remember about the women that live in these shelters is yes, they’ve experienced abuse and they’ve experienced trauma. But that doesn’t define them. What defines them is their personality and the way that they are just like you and me."
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Liefen Su-Hovd

As interviewed by Tor Hovd
"Racism is every happening every moment, hour, and day it just people don't realize that."
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Father Ray Pothireddy

As Interviewed by William J
"Why should I treat a fellow human being like that?"
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Raj Simon

as interviewed by Nathan Jacob
"President Trump is the elected US President and I respect him. As far as I have heard him speak he was against the illegal immigrants and I think he suggested advanced scrutiny in countries where threats of terrorism currently happen, in order to protect the country. Given these facts I believe in his ideas and beliefs for the country."
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Jessica Jennings

As Interviewed by Benjamin Knight
"Well, Nelson Mandela had gone out of his way … college students are usually big on protesting, they feel they are young and invincible and they can change the world. But he had gone to great lengths to fight apartheid in his own country and I was admiring of his efforts."
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Rosy Leigh

As Interviewed by AJ L.
"Many of my pupils died during the war, when they went on the protests against the government, they were shot point blank. It was very sad to see them dying."
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Goleen Samari

As Interviewed by Chloe L
"I think that in the Middle East, in particular, when there is crisis, gender is a big factor."
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Qi Ping Li

As Interviewed by Amanda L.
"When I was in Junior High, I meet two teachers that impacted my life the most. One of them was my Chinese teacher and the other was my math teacher."
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Santosh S.

As Interviewed by Aditya Sangana
"I became a citizen in 2006 and now I am a proud American."
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Scott Urbach

As Interviewed by Audrey Urbach
"I think people take them for - take it for granted that they’re not regular people and therefore they tend to superficially interact with them. So they might treat them like, just like people you can’t have a regular conversation with, and that’s a big mistake."
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Nick Nickah

As Interviewed by Naiya Vásquez-Castañeda
"Immigration can be from good intention to bad, through hardship and war and disaster. "
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Richelle King

As interviewed by Alexandra Watson
"Cecile Richards, the current president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, founded TFN in 1995 because she noticed this rise of ultra-right conservatism in Texas, and she knew that, in order to combat it, there needed to be an organization solely dedicated to being a watchdog of the religious right here."
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Robert H. Abzug

As Interviewed by Dean Wysocki
"Those were some of the risks and I don't think it discouraged anyone, I think it just hardened us all to the fact that this might be what was happening and it was all the more to protest the war."
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Wen-Hui Zhang

As Interviewed by Justin Xia
"I think slowly, without even realizing it, that our values slowly change."
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Valerie Kockelman

As Interviewed by Braden Rosen
"Marching in Milwaukee, 'Daddy, why are some people black?' We shall overcome, we shall overcome. 'Sir. please take her of your shoulders.' They are throwing bricks. We shall overcome one day."
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Rebecca Callahan

As Interviewed by Andrew K.
"To see the anti-immigrant sentiment that's boiling up right now... has been really really disparaging."
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Raymond Delk

As Interviewed by Alia A
"That was the first time that I encountered a situation where I felt I had to fight for my right and it was really fighting for the right to even be discriminated against. "
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As Interviewed by Olivia Bomba
"I still believe that all immigrants or immigrants who should be in our country should be granted the right to live and work. I will always support immigrants and illegal immigrants."
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Riley Brown

As Interviewed by Owen Brown
"I want them to make big dreams and to actually believe that they are accomplishable and to take steps to accomplish them."
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Keegan Warren-Clem

As Interviewed by Riley Clem
"Transgender people are more likely to face discrimination from doctors Sometimes it's deliberate because there are people that are not very nice out there and some of them are even doctors and they still might not be very nice but sometimes it's just because it's a doctor who's older, and just doesn't have this understanding and so they accidentally make mistakes"
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Pamela Prescott Capps

As Interviewed by Praxis Faloon
"[. . .] Because of communication and global communication, this is our opportunity to connect and realize that we are all in this together, and this is where we can empower ourselves to control these mighty governments who in the past told us what to do, now, we really recognize that there are real people all over the planet, and it is our duty to be kind to each other."
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Rebecca Fleming

As Interviewed by Megan F.
"I think every single person has something redeemable about them, it may not be something that's showing right now, but there's something in that person's life that you can find that makes them, you know, worthy as a human being."
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Gina García

As Interviewed by Alexis García-Mendoza
"The only thing I was able to tell them was, 'Okay, well, this happened, it actually happened: and the only thing that we have in our power to do at this point is to continue with your studies, to continue doing well.'"
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Randy Ross

As Interviewed by Wyatt G.
"Before you, a long time ago, they would just leave on that train until they sent someone out there to get it and you might be out there 24 to 36 hours. Now days they have to come and get you."
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Paige Schilt

As Interviewed by Lonnie Glasscock
" of the things I like the most about being LGBT is the sense of community and the connection to my subculture and to be politically engaged..."
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Bill Jennings

As Interviewed by Luke G
"The war was not a good war, if there is such a thing. It was a war where people were being exploited, both the Vietnamese that lived there and the young Americans that had gone over there to fight."
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Carole Keeton

As Interviewed by MJ Knoll
"And their bottom line was - I had been the president of the school board for goodness sakes, I integrated the schools- they said bottom line was this job is just too tough for a woman."
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Christen Carrigan

As Interviewed by Hannah L.
"A lot of kids don't get that education in the beginning, and they don't feel like they can do everything that they want to do."
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Josephine Murphy

As Interviewed by Marco Martinez
"That case to really stood out to me because we should have been past that a long time ago where people display hatred among each other because of race, especially when it went on to their property and near their home."
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Pastor Tuthill

As Interviewed by Yuan Nanthang
"And to me it's a shame that we do that now, it is really a shame."
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Son Nguyen

As Interviewed by Steven Nguyen
"But in that time, it couldn’t be so poor and no freedom at all, you will live through like you live in jail under the communist suburban. "
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Farah Abdulazeez

As Interviewed by Davis Palmer
"Now you hear the media; she is and he is, but never, back then we were all the same."
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Israel Garcia

Savitha S
"Are you serious? Are you telling me that you're escorting me to check I'm not doing anything illegal?"
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Elma Delat

As Interviewed by James Whitten
"States' academic requirements should be the same for all, regardless of the path students walk in life."
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Kathy Guidry

As Interviewed by Jessie L.
"What do I think of people that have lived happy, successful lives, and they are learning how to deal with all of it? I think I have the utmost respect for them. Those will be the people that change the world."
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Jose Navea

As Interviewed by Adolfo A.
"I think that the wall will not stop illegal immigration, the hunger is stronger than the wall. "
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Judith Puhr

As Interviewed by Evan AP
"And that night I knew we were going to be arrested because all of us, this huge crowd of two or three hundred people, sat down in the middle of the street and wouldn’t move. So that was a protest and that was against the law, but we were trying to get attention for the fact that things were not changing like they should be in Mobile."
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Dragan Djurdjanovic

As Interviewed by D.D.
"As I’m very close to my home, I hit the bag against the stairs. And it breaks. And it starts leaking through the bag. I was so upset I started crying, because I knew, that that was worth… A lot. At that time my parents are getting literally one dollar a month. And I broke something that’s more, worth more than my parents’ [salaries]."
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Isabelle Headrick

As Interviewed By Ava Farley
"If you can be in housing that's good for you, then that actually helps your body and your mind and your soul."
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Francisca F.

As Interviewed by Melissa F.
"Just because I'm Mexican, I feel like people look down on me."
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John Gage

As Interviewed by Olivia G.
"To understand how much God loves me and to say that even that person that’s different from me, that I don’t understand, who’s life is very different from mine, God loves them every bit as much as God loves me"
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Susan Kolbly

As Interviewed by Jason Kolbly
"When I would walk past the line, the guys would hoot, they’d do catcalls, and that was considered to be completely normal."
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Shweta Latawa

As Interviewed By Pari Latawa
"I was heavily advise by my maternal family to go for simpler jobs, since it isn't easy to manage family, house and work. I was heavily advised not to take travelling or strenuous jobs since I was considered 'weaker'. "
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Robert McPartland

As Interviewed by Jake M
"...The civilian population back in the states did not feel that the war was justified and were keen on letting those of us who were returning know how they felt."
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Deanne and Ingrid Croan-Ellerbee

As Interviewed by Aidan Mitchelson
"All social change comes from people who either have a change of heart or feel more comfortable talking about their actual beliefs."
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Kari Ramachandran

As Interviewed by Jade M.
"When it destroyed this place, what I thought would’ve been the natural area my children would’ve grown up in, I realized that this was serious and that I needed to look into what’s really going on. "
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Maria R

As Interviewed by Morelia R
"Work hard, keep on working, the rough patches of your life will be left in the past and just look forward."
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Joshua Choi

Kate Seon
"But these kids, who grew up with not as much you know, appreciate every little thing that they have."
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Whitney Bell

As Interviewed by Grace
"It was absolutely amazing we fed so many people. Nobody dared look in the bag, we gave out over 500 patatos that day and we only picked 90."
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Juliet Kirchner

As Interviewed by Sheri Vance
"I think it was just such a shock, truly being a minority there that, you know, you kind of start trying to look for people who are white so that you don’t feel so awkward, and I honestly don’t remember seeing very many white citizens. "
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Viji Kannan

"We exchanged presents for Christmas, which was new to me. It was the first time I saw a Christmas tree and how it was decorated."
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Kathryn Gonzales

Jayden Putnam
"When they attack Muslims they attack the LGBT community, because there are LGBT Muslims. When they attack women they attack the LGBT community because there are women in the LGBT community. When they attack immigrants they attack the LGBT community because there are LGBT immigrants."
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Manuel Lopez

As Interviewed by Nafi B.
"When the revolution came, we all supported Fidel Castro."
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Mary Catherine Stewart Butler

As Interviewed by William Butler
"It's just now it seems impossible, but that was the norm, thats the way life was."
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Kaustubh Page

As Interviewed by ND
"But, in later years of hindu history that caste system got a perverted form, and then it was considered as a higher or lower caste from a social perspective which wasn't the original intent at all."
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Shannon Sandrea

As interviewed by Julia D.
"Feminism is believing that men and women are equal, not that women are better, and a lot of people misunderstand that."
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Bo C.

As Interviewed by Aibo F.
"Stay and play inside the tent for the whole day and sleep in the tent for whole night, that for me, it is very fresh and very interesting at the beginning time."
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Leo C.

As Interviewed by Lucy Gentile
"You can be unapologetically yourself, but you can be unapologetically yourself safely, too."
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Hatin Amro

As Interviewed by Sophia Giulietti
"You say you're Muslim, and that's the trigger right there."
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Christine S

As Interviewed by Lily H
"War does not solve anything, nothing. It just leaves a lot of sadness, and is not good."
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Gavin H. and Tessa S.

As Interveiwed by Maggie Gilliam
"Usually in private schools there are a lot of different languages or expectations that are required, like the homework expectation is that you have to do it a little bit better than assigned, always. Then if you do it normal its not considered done properly. My favorite part of public school is probably how fun the teachers explain things, if she explains the block system, hundreds, tens, and ones my teacher explains them like snickers."
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Amy Atchley

As Interviewed by Mason Jones
"It's one of the best experiences of my life."
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Melissa M

As Interviewed by Emily K
"I mean, we don’t have the right to decide if they live or die."
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John Minter

As Interviewed by Perrin Minter
"We permit, regulate and help enforce air quality standards in the state of Texas."
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Duong Nguyen

As Interviewed by Thanh-Mai Nguyen
"In refugee camp, basically, you on your own, you are free to do whatever you want to do, but myself, I keep busy by keep learning English, to prepare myself, in the future."
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Michelle Olson

As Interviewed by Elanor Olson
"Only on my darkest days do I imagine becoming a regular preschool teacher. I really love what I do now."
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Kristy Mathieu

As Interviewed by Cameron Rowell
"I was surprised that they were trying to function in college level classes, and were reading probably at the 3rd and 4th grade level."
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Laetitia Cabrol

As Interviewed by Lilo Ryan
"Yes, I have an accent, but that doesn't make me different from every other American citizen."
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Mike Kaviani

Ryan Seiler
"Recently, a puppy had been found dragging herself down the road because she had been shot in the back, and had a bullet lodged in her spine."
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Mohammad Sharif

As Interviewed by Abdullah Sharif
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Rebecca S.

As Interviewed By Avantika Tikoo
"I had encountered several men throughout my career who were supportive of women in the workforce, just not necessarily executive positions like me;there were subtle ways of indicating that women shouldn’t be working."
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Hanh Le

Denton Trinh
"Everyone look at us with eyes that show that we were less than them."
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Dr. Karen Swenson

As Interviewed by Sydney Yium
"A lot of patients, when they would be confronted by having to sign this consent about having their fetal tissue buried, it really upsets most of them. "
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Paula Rojas

As Interviewed by Eabha Contreras
"And so we now know, there's even research proving that just living through everyday racism, especially if you're a black person (but where it's much more obvious than if you're a latino or an asian person), when you're a black person, everyday interactions with racist comments, looks, or you go to the store any they think you want to shoplift even though you have plenty of money, or just the way that they're constantly treating you, that stress makes you inside just feel that grrrrr, you know!"
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Sandra Long

As Interviewed by Jack Long
"She and her husband were black, lived in a black neighborhood and they were looking to buy a house... they would contact the real estate person and the real estate person would not show them the house"
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Natalie Kennedy

As Interviewed by Piers Powell
"We have been very blessed by the number of people who, obviously something that's different about Lance"
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Barbara Medford

As Interviewed by Beck Sonniksen
"There were women in the military, mostly they didn’t carry guns or fight, but they generally were in services, nursing, stenographers, you know secretary like work for officers and that sorta thing."
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Tommie L. Pernell

As Interviewed by Anushka P.
"...And then a lot of them were perhaps following their teachings and in that area of the south. It was white, and I’m making a sign that the whites were up here and the blacks were down here, economically, socially, in so many ways. It was a time of transition for everyone. "
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Chloe Linscomb

As interviewed by Olivia Linscomb
"We are still at the point where there is not a lot of representation for women in government and political leadership, so once we kinda get that it might get better."
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