Karen Morgan

As Interviewed by Ethan Dahmus
"And they're like oh my god that's a better cookie than I bought at the grocery store or that's a better pie than at the grocery store. That's what's worth its weight in gold."
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Doug Ulman

As interviewed by Lane Loudamy
"Life is very fragile and every day is really special"
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Sanjay Mishra

As Interviewed by Priya Mishra
"I became much more curious, flexible, comfortable with my ability to handle new situations. I became a much more interested learner and became much more comfortable with taking risks and doing new things."
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Michelle Haché

As Interviewed by Tennyson Tole
"It's okay to be fierce in defending your beliefs, in defending that you think we need these things in our lives, that we feel we need these things as a society, it's okay to be that way right now... I think it's the only way that we're going to come out of this alive."
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Diana Ventura

By Neha Kamble
"I told people that we have a responsibility as human beings to help those in need"
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Baskaran Sundaram

As interviewed by Sidharth Baskaran
"Many people, including me were not able to get to work on time, or not at all."
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Frances Pacheco Camacho Brooks

As interviewed by Gustavo Brooks
"I feel like there are many people that are very talented and very smart, and they were born in very poor countries with very limited opportunities, and then these people are leaving it all out there to cross the border and search for a better life."
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Geronimo Rodriguez

As interviewed by Lorenzo Martinez
"And to my mom she didn't say anything. She didn't say good morning she didn't say hello. All she did was turn the wheel of the cash register."
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Nathan Woodward

As interviewed by Sylvie Daines
"She had to choose between work, sleep, and maintaining her grades."
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Qi Ping Li

As Interviewed by Amanda L.
"When I was in Junior High, I meet two teachers that impacted my life the most. One of them was my Chinese teacher and the other was my math teacher."
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Christen Carrigan

As Interviewed by Hannah L.
"A lot of kids don't get that education in the beginning, and they don't feel like they can do everything that they want to do."
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Elma Delat

As Interviewed by James Whitten
"States' academic requirements should be the same for all, regardless of the path students walk in life."
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Kaustubh Page

As Interviewed by ND
"But, in later years of hindu history that caste system got a perverted form, and then it was considered as a higher or lower caste from a social perspective which wasn't the original intent at all."
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Shannon Sandrea

As interviewed by Julia D.
"Feminism is believing that men and women are equal, not that women are better, and a lot of people misunderstand that."
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Gavin H. and Tessa S.

As Interveiwed by Maggie Gilliam
"Usually in private schools there are a lot of different languages or expectations that are required, like the homework expectation is that you have to do it a little bit better than assigned, always. Then if you do it normal its not considered done properly. My favorite part of public school is probably how fun the teachers explain things, if she explains the block system, hundreds, tens, and ones my teacher explains them like snickers."
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Michelle Olson

As Interviewed by Elanor Olson
"Only on my darkest days do I imagine becoming a regular preschool teacher. I really love what I do now."
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Kristy Mathieu

As Interviewed by Cameron Rowell
"I was surprised that they were trying to function in college level classes, and were reading probably at the 3rd and 4th grade level."
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Natalie Kennedy

As Interviewed by Piers Powell
"We have been very blessed by the number of people who, obviously something that's different about Lance"
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Faye Arnos

As Interviewed by Walker Gossett
"I think we should have never had segregation, and I didn't realize that until later in life. When I was a young child and in school I didn't think about it because thats just the way things always were. But once I got older and saw more about the world and what was going on I realized it was a terrible injustice to people."
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Olyvia Green

As Interviewed by Brock Shiono
"No matter what your job is, do the very best that you can do. Whether you like it or not, stick with it! Because you never know, you might be helping someone else."
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Coni Stogner

As Interviewed by Connor Stogner
"There's a common misconception that domestic violence in particular, or sexual assault, are women's issues in that it's women would work to end this -- and that's so not gonna be how we can end these types of crimes and these types of abuse."
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Diann Mitchell

As Interviewed by M. Bisang
"The President of the company said to all of us he said you know Diann we’ll have to pay him more because he is a man. "
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James Baker

As Interviewed by Ethan Chuah
"I couldn’t change anything; the law would have to change so we could do something. "
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As Interviewed by D.G.
"Education is one of the most important things for people to get ahead in life. Limiting education for a certain race would likely cause that race to go downhill in economic and social status."
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Kayla Marquez

Anna Schlett
"Despite everything, you gotta keep going."
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Edwin Dorn

Interviewed by Reece Tao
"I clearly remember the overarching the nature, the liquidus nature, of segregation, of Jim Crow -- the limits on freedom and the psychological effects on African Americans."
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As Interviewed By Tallulah Beaty
"So, because we were still segregated, there were places we couldn’t go, there were things we couldn't do, and so my parents and their peers all got together and figured out ways we could still have those things, just in a segregated way."
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Michelle Lewis

As Interviewed by Adeline L.
"The issues and the problems that people with disabilities really run into is more of... almost like an obliviousness."
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Moushumi Dey

As Interviewed by Soh Nishiyama
"People are very good by nature. I don’t think people are born evil."
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Hui Liu

As Interviewed by Jason Ren
"But I don't think he knows how to build a modern country -- and his personal life was terrible! "
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Uma Parameswaran

As Interviewed by Keshav Srinivasan
"I got a Fulbright Scholarship. The United States was indeed a distant land in those days. ... It was uncommon in those days for young women to travel abroad on their own. But my parents, especially my mother, encouraged us to take up the scholarship even if it meant traveling all by oneself to a distant land. So I came to Indiana University to study American Literature. "
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Jane and John Jones

As interviewed by Adelle R.
"And that kinda drove home the point that things may be separate but they definitely weren't equal."
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Charles Gee

As Interviewed by Andy Couch
"I'm here to get an education, I'm here to go to class, get a grade, go home, study, and do it all over again, but at the same time it's how much work I put into that. It's how often I meet with my professors. It's how often I study. It's how much energy and work I put into my education to make sure I get what I want to see."
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