Mark Yzanga

As interviewed by Sam Christian
"More people voted in that election than almost any other city election we've ever had"
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Cheng Xiao Bai

As interviewed by Allen Zhao
"The South Pole is one of the few places on earth that haven�t been polluted by air or water. My colleagues and friends are all very carefull when it comes to protecting the environment. We couldn�t litter Antarctica and had to be even more to try not harming the vegetation there."
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David Greene

As Interviewed by Luka Verheul
"There is arguably as much to learn about nature that could take place in that alleyway than in a designated wilderness area."
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Jean I. Dordek

As Interviewed by William Taylor-Burton
"Social justice was very important to The Farm because they had a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. For example, some people had just participated in a Native American March on the East Coast for the rights of Native Americans. We also had the general idea that if we could figure out how to live reasonably and sanely without using more than our share of the world’s resources we could create a community that would set a really good role model."
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