Leigh Holt

As Interviewed by Pearl McNabb
"The vibrations from the shuttle were so big that the fish would jump out of the water!"
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Kari Ramachandran

As Interviewed by Jade M.
"When it destroyed this place, what I thought would’ve been the natural area my children would’ve grown up in, I realized that this was serious and that I needed to look into what’s really going on. "
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John Minter

As Interviewed by Perrin Minter
"We permit, regulate and help enforce air quality standards in the state of Texas."
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Susan Adams

As interviewed by Jana Lassiter
"I found that really encouraging and a testament to how every voice counts. "
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David Carlson

As Interviewed by Eliana H.
"This tsunami came in, and hit the land, and destroyed many villages, and destroyed a lot of property. It also got to the nuclear reactor..."
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