Patryk Kaminski

As Interviewed by Karina Kaminski
"Whatever noble details were behind [communism], we never saw much of that in Poland."
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Kelvin Lam

As interviewed by Kaylie Lam
"There was no hope for us, we know we were the bottom of society and had no chance of getting anywhere."
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Aniko Paul

As Interviewed by Ally Kellar
"Everything that my family owned was taken away by the government."
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Kellsey Stokes

As Interviewed by Aidan Stokes
"They couldn’t understand that the Mafia was not a norm for any of us."
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Frank Flanagan

As Interviewed by Calvin Auby
"And the gravity of the situation... we all slept very well at night actually. It was not like being in Vietnam or someplace where you sleep with one eye open"
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As Interviewed by Z.D.
"The USSR wasn’t the best. It wasn’t bad, but now things have changed for the better."
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Nancy Wang

As Interviewed by Daniel Wang
"After two or three years we knew we would never go back."
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