Rima Elhagehassan

Noor Elhagehassan
"" I love being around people who are more understanding and who believe I am a peaceful person and my religion is peaceful and that the scarf doesn't define me as a person""
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Mansi Mehta

As Interviewed By Ishaan M.
"Killing enlightened people is really not going to get us anywhere in this world we're, not going to achieve anything."
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Lara Lampert

As interviewed by Adison Lampert
"The look on his face had so much anger and disgust. I was confused at what I had done. I was so unsure of what I had done to make this little boy angry, but then I realized that I had spaghetti straps on."
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Ahmed Chibib

As Interviewed by Henry Chibib
"We used to take 10% of the olive oil as commission and that was basically our source of income."
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Nidhi Gupta

As interviewed by Kashvi L
"This really cheated me into thinking that I really wish that I was from the American origin and I was born here. "
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Theresa Church

As Interviewed by Romi Klein
"So I go to the gym all the time and I know most of the people there. And this one day I come out of the gym and there was a note on my car. And it just said "Go Away"....I was just upset but more sad. It was kind of like, "Well where am I supposed to go, this is where I am"."
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Rebecca Gurney

As Interviewed by Hannah Griesmer
"Feminism isn't just about women, it's about all people, and equality."
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Blossom Steingraph

As Interviewed by Hayden P.
"My father was conscious of doing good and being kind to people in the sense that if he did something wrong, then it will reflect on the Jewish people."
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Tarale Murry

Ikey Kohler
"I tell people faith in family. I felt like my faith was to stay for my family."
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Leigh Gath

As Interviewed by Sophia Heinzen
"When I lived in Texas I actually got arrested when I protested outside the Governor's mansion when George Bush was Governor."
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