Zulfi Kureshi

As Interviewed by Anya Kureshi
"This is not the religion I believe in, this is somebody’s twisted view of religion."
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Cristina Cabello C. de Martinez

"As a girl I felt really powerful that I was in an army, and I was in the army of Jesus."
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Frances Pacheco Camacho Brooks

As interviewed by Gustavo Brooks
"I feel like there are many people that are very talented and very smart, and they were born in very poor countries with very limited opportunities, and then these people are leaving it all out there to cross the border and search for a better life."
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William Booth

As interviewed by Nathaniel Reed
"Journalism is like writing the first draft of history. We get a good front seat to watch the world, and see what's happening."
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Farah Abdulazeez

As Interviewed by Davis Palmer
"Now you hear the media; she is and he is, but never, back then we were all the same."
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John Gage

As Interviewed by Olivia G.
"To understand how much God loves me and to say that even that person that’s different from me, that I don’t understand, who’s life is very different from mine, God loves them every bit as much as God loves me"
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Hatin Amro

As Interviewed by Sophia Giulietti
"You say you're Muslim, and that's the trigger right there."
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Miles P. Fischer

As Interviewed by Sam Fischer
"Sarajevo had been a major war zone, there had been a lot of fighting for several years, and pretty much everything was blown up."
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Manzoor Lughmani

As Interviewed By Amani Ahmad
"And we were so afraid of what will happen now… will they set our house on fire or kill us? And we were praying, praying and praying."
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