Brian Lee Ramos

As Interviewed by A.J. Ramos
"For the most part it was praise. Every comment that I've ever had has been one of that's-that's a pretty stand up thing to do. It's pretty-it's different."
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Joshua Thompson

As interviewed by Adam Reisman
"I didn’t start running until my freshman year of high school."
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David Berwald

As interviewed by Abbey Stein
"They were viewed as an inferior people. They became a scapegoat for other people. I’ve always viewed it that any person who looks down on other people is wrong. I’ve accepted everybody and I try to be nice to everyone. "
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Daniel Mccord

As Interviewed by Helen Singletary
"And it just seemed impossible, it seemed impossible that we weren't just coming under attack everyday."
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Sadia Tirmizi

As Interviewed by Sebastian Barrera
"If our elected officials pass a bill that limits somebody's religious rights, then that can be used to limit another group's religious rights because now you’ve started this domino effect."
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Patricia Macy

As Interviewed by Catherine Bircher
"I think so because if you only know people living in poverty as “them,” or the other, or someone who's on the street, or someone who’s begging, or someone like that, and you never have a conversation with them and find out, they’re just like me."
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David Peters

As Interviewed by Carson White Wenner
"Even if you put the clock in front of me, I wouldn't turn it back."
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