Nilesh Sangani

As Interviewed by Vedant Sangani
"First time I started comparing how we had things done in US and how things have been done in India, it was radically different."
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Ruby Bline

As interviewed by Julian Felix
"At that time, you grew all kinds of vegetables in the garden because you couldn't afford groceries."
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Anish Vergis

As Interviewed by Nitya V.
"I was never used to a country that would treat different citizens of different countries in a varied way..."
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Sung Lee

As interviewed by Nathan Lee
"Everyone has a belief system so because of that, it’s really hard to get people to believe that there is a god, and that God created everything -- and so because of that, it’s difficult to change people’s worldview."
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Don Grant

As interviewed by Liesl Geiger
"There’s a term in the Bible where God refers to what we do as dead works, as doing things good for people, but then God says, ‘There’s no one good.’ So when you do things without the correct motivation, there’s the implication that it’s void. As I said, whatever good is happening in our country or in the world is still being inspired by God...regardless of what one’s background is."
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Brian C. Guequierre

As Interviewed By Autry Guequierre
"I first found out about the Baha’i Faith on the SAT... I went home and told my dad, ‘Hey, they had a religion on the SAT that if it was real I might be interested in.’"
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