Linda Tyler

Garrett V., on March 9, 2014
"I told my mother I wanted to be a minister, and do you know what she did? She laughed."
Linda Tyler

Introductory Profile: About Linda Tyler

Linda Tyler was my interviewee. She talked about how she had experienced sexism when she wanted to become a minister. The interview had an angle that talked about sexism in a serious way. She had not been allowed to go to seminary and train to become a minister. This was because the people in charge were sexist.

Linda Tyler has grey hair. She is an elderly woman. She is very nice and has a serious tone. I think that she was happy being interviewed.

During the interview my interviewee seemed to be very impressed with my questions. The interview was serious. It was not at all funny.

I was glad to interview Linda Tyler. She had a lot of serious things to say about sexism and the interview went smoothly. It was very interesting.