Linda Gillan Griffin

Interviewed by Charlie Gillan, 3/20/14
"I had was an $18 creative writing course and I was able to work that into a career."
Linda Gillan Griffin

Introductory Profile: About Linda Gillan Griffin

Linda Gillan Griffin was a reporter for the Los Angeles times, worked as a oil editor for the houston chronicle, and was a fashion editor. She now resides in Cat Springs Texas, near Brenham. She was discriminated all throughout her life. In many instances while she was a child she was not allowed to do the things that her brothers did. She was her brother’s, basicly, nanny. When her brothers got to go out and do something fun, she was not allowed to.

Sexism was a big problem in her time. She was not able to be put on as a full time reporter at the LA times, even though she did all of the full time work. She eventually did move to a different job. While she was at the LA times she was asked to do an interview of Jimmy Carter. When she went to a location that she knew he was going to be at she was not allowed in. She later got to ask him a question about if he was a frequent goer at these types of places.

This question gave a large effect on the American people.