Jennie Haywood

As Interviewed by Sanjay Pandiri, on March 19, 2014
"If you go by the social convention, then you will never get anywhere."
Jennie Haywood

Introductory Profile: About Jennie Haywood

My interviewee’s name is Jennifer Haywood. She works at a computer company in the software industry. My interviewee felt that women did not hold many positions at technical industries, and that the reason for that was neglect from the men in the industry. She was very upright about this, with no words like, “I think”, or “I feel.” Instead, she said phrases like “I know” and “For sure.”

Ms. Haywood is a rather short (compared to me), redheaded lady. She is very nice, and was very eager in participating in my interview. She seemed to have a very good memory, and was able to recall events from 20-30 years ago when she just began working; she had already been working 10 more years than my parents when they first met) She was born in San Antonio and had an older brother and a sister, who both pursued technical fields. She was raised Southern Baptist. She went to ETSU, which is now Texas A&M at Commerce. She first worked for General Industries, a small company located in Dallas, and then worked for IBM, a much larger company.

Ms. Haywood did not have much problem with answering my questions, though on many of them she took 2 minutes plus to think about what she was going to say. She kept a lively manner, cracking a few jokes here and there, and not making the interview feel like there were men holding guns outside of the room. Overall, the interview was relaxed and had a calm atmosphere. It went smoothly and felt like it was just another conversation with a person that I know.

Again, I was a little tentative asking her about her time at the technical companies, but her tone and eagerness to participate made it easier asking the questions. I asked her a lot of questions about how she was mistreated, and at some points I was afraid she wouldn’t answer. But these questions didn’t affect her, she answered it with the same up beat tone.