Tina Carter

John Bosco, 3/23/14
""None of my credentials make me an expert in generational poverty, but my experience does.""
Tina Carter

Introductory Profile: Introductory Profile: About Rev. Dr. Tina Carter

My Interviewee’s name is Tina Carter, and she is a pastor at the church I go to.
She is 51 years old, born on March 5th, 1963. Just a few months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. She grew up in Golden Colorado with a sister and brother and lots of other children of various abilities who lived in her house. She is married to Bill Carter, she has 2 daughters and a stepson. Her step son has a disorder called “autism”. Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills. She is well educated and trained in the fields of engineering and chemistry, and is an expert in the subject poverty. Her expertise in poverty comes from her life experience and her training for ministry, and that was the reason I chose to interview Tina Carter.

The Interview was smooth going and Tina Carter, the interviewee, got to share a lot of her experience. She had a somewhat serious and soothing tone when I interviewed her. She shared about her experience with poverty, although it was pretty hard on her. She didn't regret having gone through poverty, because of the lessons it taught her. I got to learn new things about her, like how she had a baby when she went to college. She seemed relaxed during the interview and was ready to give any information I needed. Tina Carter was able to donate a lot of money to a community to try and support people who were going the same thing she did. First, I started out just reading the questions, but then she turned it into a conversation. I was really inspired by how she was handling poverty, so I’m sure you too will be inspired by her.