Iram "J" Leon

A survivor of hardship., 3-28-14
"The way it was explained to me was that your brain is kind of like your body so if you lose a leg its kind of going to be inconvenient but odds are as long as you move at the right accessory but the thing is that it isn't going to affect your lifespan but that someone has a whole lot less space."

Introductory Profile: Introductory Profile: Iram "J" Leon

Iram or “J” Leon was born in 1988 in Chihuahua, Mexico. He moved to the U.S when he was eight years old and came to Austin eight years ago and had a child one year later named Kiana. He used to be a juvenile probation officers to helps teens that are in trouble with the law, but he made some mistakes so he is now currently unemployed. He has a brain tumor called astro sized homo. It is hard for him to keep his child because he is single with a brain tumor fighting to keep his child. He helps his seven year old daughter understand what a brain tumor is and how it affects him which is cool. They struggle through their time together just fine and they are both happy.

Iram has a brain tumor that is the size of a marble in his brain that cause him sometimes to have seizures. He looks perfect in everyway on the outside. You can hardly tell that he has a disability. He is funny, sweet, and a very laid back person in general. He runs marathons because it takes him away from the stress of having a brain tumor. He has a driving restriction but his neighbors help him out. He had to go to court to keep his child because people made assumptions like since he had a brain tumor that automatically means that he is unable to take perfect care of a child which in fact he can.

During the interview I was sad because is see here this person who is so nice and acts normal even if he has a disability. Also it made me sad because I was thinking how is a brain tumor going to affect his daughter for the rest of her childhood and how is the brain tumor going to affect him the rest of his life? Doctors even don’t exactly know what is going to happen to him so that didn't make me feel any better. He liked to lighten the mood by saying some jokes or saying something funny which was nice. He was open about talking about his situation which why it was easy to get to know him. His tone of voice was so calm you couldn’t really notice there was something different with him at all.

His daughter though in a hard situation sticks with her dad even though court trials because she probably knows that her daddy is perfectly fine with taking care of a seven year old daughter. He has a roommate that is there so just in case he has a seizure she is there to help him. He has trained his daughter to call 911 if anything happens so she is well prepared. So he and his daughter are well prepared for whatever happens next in the future and they are as happy as can be.