Keri Kinsey

As Interviewed by Elaine Kinsey, March 16, 2014
"Because thatís what all children really deserve, is safe and permanent homes."
Keri Kinsey

Introductory Profile: About Keri B. Kinsey

Keri B. Kinsey is a CASA employee. She manages volunteers, and sometimes advocates herself, if necessary. Court Appointed Special Advocates, or CASA, has one sole job: to look out for what is best for the child. Keri paints us a picture concerning a common misconception by stating the following, "CASA, on the other hand, may say, 'You know, I know that you really like ice cream and I know that you want to eat it every day, but itís really not in your best interest to have it every day. So, weíll advocate that maybe you could have ice cream, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after dinner.'Ē

Keri B. Kinsey is a 44 year-old American woman. She has hazel eyes and brown hair, and enjoys helping others. She is very compassionate, yet outgoing and good at speaking in public. She lives in Austin, Texas with her family, made up of her husband, and two teenagers. Keri was born in Oklahoma, and grew up in Texas, with her parents, and younger brother. Keri says that after teaching at a middle school for a few years that she discovered her interest in working with children.

While interviewing her, the tone was very formal, yet emotional. Keri did not just give answers, she told long stories, answering many questions at a time. Keriís tone of voice was casual, but in formal words. Keri payed very close attention to questions and still gave answers even if she couldnít answer the exact question.

Keri has a lot of experience with children, but has just started working at CASA. She says she feels that she is making a difference. Keri is a caring and understanding person, and you will be thrilled to hear what she has to say.