Miriam Schumacher

As Interviewed by Jacob Greendyk, March, 14, 2014
"The roads were big, the cars were big, the amount of food people ate was huge. It astounded me."
Miriam Schumacher

Introductory Profile: Miriam Schumacher

Miriam Schumacher was born on May 12th of 1945. I interviewed Miriam about her experiences immigrating to the USA. Although she is a Libyan, Italian, and Israeli native, she now resides in an old apartment building in Queens, New York City. She was an only child, but although her parents were fully against her travel, she has no regrets related to immigrating.

Miriam is an average height, 68 year old woman. She has short brown hair and brown eyes. She is self-employed and has a distributing business that she co-owns with her husband. She is constantly meeting new people and enjoys reading books about history. She also likes exploring New York and walks everywhere. At 68, she still doesnít know how to drive! She also has seen many corners of the world and traveled often when she was younger.

When I was interviewing her, she told me many interesting and slightly personal facts about her experience. She was happy to remember the amazing things she saw and did when she was younger, and it gave me a more full picture of this woman. It was a long time ago, and Iím glad that she put time aside to share with me what she was thinking when she came to America.

I believe that moving to a completely new country, not knowing anyone there, and going against your own family must have been a challenge, But she made it. And she has no regrets about the decision she made that changed her life forever. I believe that anyone who reads or listens about Miriamís experience will realize how hard it would be, and that they might not have been able to do it. Itís truly amazing what this woman did to choose her own path in life.