KJ Byers

As interviewed by K.A, March 23, 14
"On the bus mainly and they, we, had an odd situation, because Houston compared to what you may have heard about other places, the buses that we traveled on didn't enforce segregation, that is having to sit behind a line. You could sit anywhere on the bus, in fact I'd often sit behind the bus driver with all my sisters and brothers, and we never had any trouble."
KJ Byers

Introductory Profile: About K.J. Byers

I interviewed K.J. Byers, who’s one of the many victims to racial inequality. In the interview we mainly focus on how racial inequality throughout his life. We discuss times such as his childhood, when he joined the Air- Force, and up to this day, learning of the changes in racial inequality over the years.

K.J. Byers was born December 11th 1942, in Pattison Texas. Hes around average height for his age, with grey turning curly hair, usually covered by his hat. He grew up in Houston with his mother and six brothers and sisters, moving in with his Grandfather later on. As the oldest with no father around, he soon became the father figure to his younger siblings. Now he’s retired and “ catching up on his sleep” from being in the Air Force, and spending years working at. He’s a very laid back person, who enjoys watching sports such as golf and listening to music while reminiscing of the past. He and his wife Jackie have five children, Kevin, Neisha, Michael, Michelle, and Andrew, who are all grown now.

Talking about his life dealing with segregation was interesting, especially learning that Texas wasn't as strict with segregation as other states in the south were. The interview itself had a with a few jokes every now and then. Listening to him made me think of how the United States has changed so much in just a few years at times. Talking about it, it seem as if it was just any other day that goes by. Unlike many others, segregation didn't really take such a toll on him.

In the interview we focused on how segregation and racial discrimination affected his life. But in fact, they hadn't really affected him like it has to others.