Nancy Watson

As Interviewed by Jacob W., March 6th
"Just going to big university and then traveling, living out of state for a few years it just really shows you what’s different."
Nancy Watson

Introductory Profile: About Nancy Watson

My interviewee is Nancy Price Watson. She went to school and was a bystander of segregation and a victim of gender inequality. She, in the interview, talks about her family and friends views on segregation and how, growing up, her views changed on what people are like and what the general opinion is in the United States.

Nancy is about to turn 70 in May. She is about my height, about 5 foot, with short brown hair. She currently lives in Llano, Texas on a large ranch. She used to live in California in Orange County and was born and raised in a small town called Sweetwater, Texas.

From my interviewee’s tone of voice, she seems pretty open about the subject. She also doesn’t seemed to be scarred or emotionally hurt by segregation and gender inequality. She even told me after the interview that she loves to tell about that time and just tell stories of her life. She does take those subjects seriously. Nancy doesn’t act like this is all a joke, she is just very open. She makes this interview serious, but not aggressive or assertive

Nancy, as a bystander and a victim, is really interesting. Hearing her stories were always intriguing. Nancy is an interesting interviewee, a great and kind person to meet. Her beliefs are separated and confused, as you will hear in the interview. She talk about her strong family influence and outside opinions effecting her opinions. She now believes that the country has changed a lot, and for the better