Paula Silvar : In Her Own Words

As Interviewed By: Sergio Flores, March 15, 2014
"[My husband] put his machete to [my son's] throat and I couldn't say anything. I couldn't do anything. As a woman, one was only supposed to obey the man. I never talked back to my husband because he said that if I left his side or talked back, he would hurt my family and I."
Paula Silvar : In Her Own Words

Introductory Profile: About Paula Silvar

Growing up, Paula Silvar witnessed and was a victim of domestic violence. She grew up in Masatla, Morelos. As a child she didnít get much education, only learning to read and write. She is very sad and angry because of the treatment of women in Mexico.

Paula has wrinkled and calloused hands from working in her garden and from making delicious food. She has four sons and two daughters. All but two sons are in the US. She grew up in the rural outskirts of Cuernavaca. She had very little school, only learning to read and write. She is about 5í9, with gray hair and a kind smile. She was very nice during our interview.

The interview was sad. We talked about how she was a victim of domestic violence and how the people she loved were also victims of domestic violence. She is my grandmother, so I felt really bad, more so than if it was just someone I met. I canít believe someone would be capable of some of the things that happened to her.

I have new found respect for my grandmother. I have always heard that she had a hard life from my mom and her siblings, but I never would've guessed just how hard it was.