Carolyn Nelson

As Interviewed by Aldo O., March 11, 2014
"They wanted me to withdraw my requests, and I said no. I wanted to force them to tell me no."
Carolyn Nelson

Introductory Profile: About Carolyn Nelson

I interviewed ex-Marine Carolyn Nelson about the general topic of women in the military. She currently works at the Lower Colorado River Authority as a Park Manager, but was once a high-ranking military officer. I learned of her by visiting one of the parks she manages and being told about her. Ms. Nelson is a tough, hard-working lady who has achieved many things. She is very nice to talk to and serves our community to this day.

In the interview we covered many aspects on the issue of equality for women, but we specifically her experiences in the military. Success was difficult for women in the military, but Ms. Nelson went up and up the ranks. She always managed to work hard, and when her path was blocked, she worked even harder to go around it.

The mood of the interview was serious but cheerful. She was describing obvious and horrible injustices towards women who tried to do something beyond what had been done. The cheerful parts of the interview were the triumphant moments when she would explain how she still accomplished something or got ahead of a difficult obstacle after having endured the injustices.