Cynthia de las Fuentes

As Interviewed by Ashley Armstrong, March 18, 2014
"There are movers and shakers in all fields, but the real work is done by the ordinary person in their everyday lives. It is just by the choices that we make everyday. If we have the choice to make something better for women, for ourselves, for each other, whether we’re going to turn off a light as we leave a room, that is a social justice action. It is the everyday act of the ordinary person that makes a difference in the world. "
Cynthia de las Fuentes

Introductory Profile: About Cynthia de las Fuentes

Cynthia de las Fuentes is a registered psychologist in the State of Texas. She has a private practice in Austin. My grandmother, who is also a psychologist, and knows Cynthia and recommended her to me for the interview. Cynthia has never married but has adopted two girls. She has two younger sisters. Cynthia was very happy to talk to me about her work and seems like a very friendly and energetic person.

I talked to Cynthia about her work regarding women’s rights . It was very fun to talk to Cynthia. I learned a lot about women’s rights issues and what some people have done to help. What people don’t realize is that this is a very big issue. Luckily, people have been getting closer and closer to equality around the world. I learned that the littlest things you can do are the ones that really matter. Thank you, Dr. de las Fuentes.