Mary Jo Myles

As Interviewed by Emma Fosdick, March 11, 2014
"Back in those days, they didnít want people, like the children on the Pediatric Ward, to see a pregnant lady -- which was crazy."
Mary Jo Myles

Introductory Profile: About Mary Jo Myles

The person I interviewed was my grandmother, Mary Jo Myles. She was born in 1942. In 1962, she joined the United States Army Nurse Corps. She left in 1965 because she became pregnant with her first child. The only hospital she worked in was Fitzsimons Hospital in Denver, Colorado. She had her first child in 1965 and her last children (twins) in 1970. She married Don Myles in 1964, and this year will be their fiftieth anniversary.

Mary Jo Myles is a very kind woman with a bubbly personality. She loves to bake and play board games along with other games, like dominoes. She wears glasses and has gray/white hair.

During my interview, I covered the topics of what it was like being in the Army during this time, the amount and type of sexism that was going on then, and also what it was like in the Fitzsimons Hospital and the Army base where she trained. The interview was light-hearted and provided a good overview of what it is like to serve in the US Army Nurse Corps during 1962-1965.