Mr. Hung Hua

As interviewed by Ananya Venkateswaran, March, 19th, 2015
"My parents were business people, so our family was classified as one of the worst citizen class in the country."
Mr. Hung Hua

Introductory Profile: About Hung Hua

My interviewee was Mr. Hung Hua. The interview was about how Mr. Hung immigrated from Vietnam while the country was under communist rule. The most interesting parts of the interview was about how his family planned the journey and how his experience was on the boat voyage here.

Mr. Hung Hua was about 5 feet and 5 inches tall. He is a Vietnamese man with a pleasant disposition. He was very open to talking about his experience as a refugee. He had 4 siblings in his family and he was the second oldest out of all of them.

This was a serious interview, but judging from the way my interviewee talked, the topic was not serious enough for my interviewee to be shy. Some parts of the interview were serious like how his family almost got caught on their way to freedom. It was interesting and fun to learn about his experience.

Even though some of the most interesting parts were personal, I would like to put those moments in the podcast. I liked how my interviewee would describe every idea in detail without making the interview boring. I hope many other students will get the opportunity to do this in the future.