Elizabeth C.

As Interviewed by Alex Barrera-Waters, on March 15, 2015
"Is your fight to stay in the country where youíve built a life and where youíve had children who are US citizens? Is that your country?"
Elizabeth C.

Introductory Profile: About Elizabeth C.

Elizabeth C. is an Immigration-Law-Specialist at a public defense firm in Santa Clara. Mrs. C. had a mentor in college who really shaped her beliefs about immigration and immigrantís rights. Elizabeth C. works to give everyone equal opportunities and to prevent immigrants from being wrongly deported.

Elizabeth C. is small in appearance but not in personality! Mrs. C is a brown haired mother of two who lives in the Santa Cruz mountains. Elizabeth C. was born in 1967, in Encino, California. She went to UC Berkeley for her Undergraduate Degree. Next, she attended the University of Arizona for her Graduate Degree, followed by her Law Degree from UC Davis.

This interview was very engaging. I learned a lot about the struggle for rights of immigrants. There were certain points in the interview where Elizabeth C. got emotional. She talked about how frequently people are denied their rights and how little progress this country is making to fix this issue.

Elizabeth C. does everything she can to allow her clients to be granted full access to their rights. Mrs. C. believes that this country has made very little progress to help immigrants. Elizabeth C. was very detailed in her descriptions of situations and was a great interviewee.