Ann McCracken and Trish Young

As interviewed by Zoe Min, March 13, 2015
"We’ve even heard people say - you know if people want to marry their same sex partner, they might want to marry their horse or their dog - which is just absurd...Where they get that is because some people think that being gay is like a perversion...It’s kind of getting people to understand that being gay is not that different than being straight."
Ann McCracken and Trish Young

Introductory Profile: About Ann and Trish

I interviewed Ann McCracken and Trish Young. The main topic of our interview was about gay rights, and their opinions on discrimination and laws concerning gays. They spoke of their experiences being gay/bi-sexual in their younger years, and any discrimination they noticed back then.

Ann was born on May 7th, 1955 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her dad was in the army so they moved around quite a lot, finally coming to Texas when she was 10. Ann was married for 24 years and currently has two kids, ages 25 and 28. She works as a database administrator at the same place my mom works. She is a democrat and is Christian. Ann has short gray hair in a pixie cut and has peach colored skin. She wears glasses and is quite short.

Ann’s partner is Trish Young. Trish was born on June 10th, 1960 in Pantha, Texas. But, she calls her hometown Burlington, Colorado. She currently has no kids. She is also a democrat and Christian. Trish works as a processor, and runs her own business where she serves legal papers to people. She has short gray hair, wears glasses, and is also short.

During the interview, the tone was light, positive, and funny at sometimes. At others, it was serious and mature. Trish and Ann were very talkative and eager to share their stories and experiences. They both had a lot to say about the topic.

The interview was about gay rights and Trish and Ann’s experience growing up with the unfair laws and treatment towards gays. I was very eager to hear their stories and hope that in the future, gay people will be treated correctly.