Petti Redding

As interviewed by Sam Alvarez, 3-9-15
"People are people. People love who they love, and nobody, nobody chooses this life. Nobody chooses it. It is not a choice. That's the biggest thing. Who would choose to get their rights taken away? Who would choose to be ridiculed?"
Petti Redding

Introductory Profile: About Petti Redding

Petti Redding is a Texan who grew up in Odessa. She is an occupational therapist who works to make the workplace more ergonomical. She is also an avid water skier. My mom is friends with her wife, and met Petti through work. When I asked my mom about ideas for interviewees, Petti seemed perfect. Petti has known she was gay all her life, but came out when she was 21. She is married to Kari McDonald. They have 2 kids. Petti is very nice and upbeat and she was very easy to talk to.
Our interview mainly covered her experiences growing up gay in west Texas. We talked about what happened when she came out, experiences she has faced in Odessa, and her feelings on LGBT rights. The overall tone of the interview wasn’t sad, but it also wasn’t particularly happy because we were talking about serious topics.