Janna Griffin

As interviewed by Riley Church, March 22, 2015
"I'm not trying to wave a rainbow flag at my school, or make anyone else decide that it's okay for them or for their family or how they view things. But just knowing that I'm me, and that's just part of me."
Janna Griffin

Introductory Profile: About Janna Griffin

Janna Griffin is the principal of Doss Elementary School. She is married to Melissa Fodo, and they have three kids. When I attended school at Doss, she was my vice principal, and later she became the main principal. She also lives near me and is my mother's friend.

Ms. Griffin is gay, and I interview her to see if she has struggled with social injustice because of her sexual orientation. She has short black hair and glasses. Ms. Griffin is fun and energetic. She is always smiling and cares deeply for her students.

In this interview, Ms. Griffin talks about how she was pressured to leave a job and how the people around her responded to that. She also explains how she came to terms with being gay, and shares her view on Texas's ban on gay marriage.