Susan Driver

As interviewed by Charlie Riley, on March 21, 2015
"Sports build self-confidence, they make you realize that if you work hard you can achieve things that you didn't think you could and therefore develop self-confidence in sports , you can apply it in your work."
Susan Driver

Introductory Profile: About Susan Driver

For my interview, I chose to interview Susan Driver. My interview topic was womenís rights. When I interviewed Susan, her viewpoint throughout the recording was that women need to stand up for themselves. Women need to be upstanders, not victims. Throughout the recording, I talk with my interviewee about issues including Title IX and equal pay.

My interviewee was born in 1944 right here in Austin, Texas. She attended Austin High and then later went to Sweet Briar for college for one year. She graduated from the University of Texas where she majored in math. Susan is a very smart and soft spoken, always taking the time to think before she speaks.

Throughout the interview, I felt the responses were a good mixture of the answers I expected as well as a few unexpected answers. The mood was definitely quite confident. For example, Susan was an auditor for the state for many years so she was used to working with numbers and statistics. For one question, I asked about womenís pay compared to menís and on average women got paid 23% less. Using her experience as an auditor, Susan question the figure and explained why she didn't believe that was correct.

The angle in which my interviewee took was that people canít be victims if they want to accomplish things. You need to not dwell on the past but keep moving forward. Woman need to create opportunities for themselves, not waiting for men to accept them, because chances are some men wonít except women, but that shouldn't stop women. Susan Driver didn't let unequal opportunity stop her, and nobody else should either.