Amy Ford

As Interviewed by Zoey Kemp, on March 17, 2015
"When we decided to foster children, we called several agencies, most of them laughed at us, and said 'no'."
Amy Ford

Introductory Profile: About Amy Ford

My interviewee is Amy Ford. The interview was mostly about LGBT rights. My interviewee was pro LGBT rights. She talked enthusiastically about people in the LGBT category having more rights.

Amy Ford is currently 42 years old. She was born in Richman, Virginia, a long time ago. Her parents are Buck and Nora Ford. She has one brother, Carl Ford. She went to the University of Southern Mississippi, when she was 18, and was going to be an English teacher. She graduated at the age of 25, which was also the same age she came out. She is a Christian. She was a travel agent for 17 years, and now works for New York Life. She is a Democrat. Her partner is Kim Rasmus, but they are not legally married, and she has adopted three children. Now she lives in Round Rock, Texas. Amy Ford has blonde hair in a pixie cut, hazel eyes, and light brown or pink skin. She usually wears nice dress clothes, for her job. She is a little less than five feet tall.

The interview was more in the positive mood. It was engaging, dynamic, and inspiring. Amy says, “She was lucky that she had a ‘big’ personality”. She tended to mention more of the positive things in the advancement of LGBT rights, but she still mentioned how it was wrong to have people discriminate, against people who fall in the LGBT category in the first place.

The interview was mostly covering the topic of LGBT rights. She was pro LGBT rights and she talked enthusiastically about her achievements in life. Amy says, “We have come a lot way, but we still have a long way to go, until we will all be equal, in the terms of human rights, and the law”.