Phillip A. Carinhas

As Interviewed by David Carinhas, March 7, 2015
"There were areas of poor people living in what we would call, slum type conditions..."
Phillip A. Carinhas

Introductory Profile: About Philip A. Carinhas

My father, Philip Carinhas, was born in Louisiana. He is about 56 and has a lot of hair, including a mustache, thick furry eyebrows, and a beard. He went to many different schools before finishing with a Ph.D. in Physics and one or two other degrees. He has traveled all around the world, including Spain, France, Indonesia, Mexico, along with different states in the U.S.. He loves to inform people about interesting facts. He is very kind, even though he can lose his temper pretty easily, and he also sounds very excited when talking about different subjects.

Philip Carinhas covered his experience in South Texas and the poverty levels there, including what could have caused this He talked about his trips all across the globe and how that molded his opinion. In the last part of the interview, he talked about the Reagan years and his opinions on those, too. His final remarks were about different schools he attended, how they picked who got in and who were kicked out, and how he felt about that.