Danny Moore

As Interviewed by Jacob G., March 15, 2015
"Seventy-five percent of Texas voted to ban gay marriage."
Danny Moore

Introductory Profile: About Danny Moore

Daniel Moore has been a close friend of my dad for at least 20 years. They used to work at the same tech company, CBI. Danny has lived in four states -- Texas, Virginia, New York, and California. He was born in Arlington, Virginia, in April of 1965. I met Danny a couple days after I was born, but I didn’t recognize him. I have known him my whole life.

Danny is a nice and caring person. He tells some funny jokes and likes to bike, run, and swim. He runs the Capitol 10,000 sometimes and bikes every day. When I was in 5th grade, he broke his collarbone in a bike wreck. I asked my class to make him get well cards and we did. He was very happy and appreciative of the effort.

In the interview, Danny and I talked about gay rights and gay marriage in Texas and America as a whole. We talked about the first Texas gay marriage and the revoking of it. The overall tone of the interview was calm and had a positive feel. I think the interview went very well -- we had a nice, informative discussion.