Sue Mejia

As Interviewed by Sydney K., March 4, 2015
"I wanted everybody to be equal or go as far as their brains could take them. "
Sue Mejia

Introductory Profile: About Sue Mejia

I interviewed Sue Mejia, my maternal great grandmother. She was born in 1925 in Cameron, Texas. In her first marriage, she had my grandmother and great uncle. She found out that she was pregnant with my other great uncle soon after she filed for a divorce. Nine years later, after supporting herself and her kids with little help from her parents, she married Paul Mejia. He adopted her youngest son from her first marriage. Sue Mejia has been a woman in the workforce for decades. She became an accountant at the large company, Enron, where her retirement fund was lost in the Enron scandal. Her grandchildren and great grandchildren call her “meanmamma” out of jest because she is anything but mean. at the remarkable age of ninety, she is a small woman with a very big heart, who seems to look at most things in a very optimistic, positive way.

In the interview, we discussed the ideas of women’s rights and how she in particular was treated throughout the decades being a woman in a man’s job. Though our main focus was women’s rights, we discussed the Civil Rights Movement as well. Throughout the interview, she was hesitant to let on about the struggle of working as a woman throughout the decades, either because she always maintained a stable job or because of her upbeat personality.