Bill R. Hill

As Interviewed by Robin S., March 14, 2015
"It would be nice for everybody to ‘coexist,’ but it’s never going to happen. There’s always going to be wars. If we want our way of life, we have to fight wars."
Bill R. Hill

Introductory Profile: About Bill R. Hill

I had Mr. Hill as a teacher in elementary school. He was my history teacher in fifth grade. His wife Patricia also teaches English at that school. She taught me English in fifth grade as well. Mr. Hill is tall, has a beard and a mustache. He always wears a cowboy hat and reading glasses.

During the time of the Vietnam War, Mr. Hill was stationed in South Korea as tensions with North Korea were escalating. He described the different strategies used by his squad to ambush the North Korean infiltrators. The damage done by the bombs, used in those days, was saddening but at the same time, it was necessary. The Communist North, as described by Mr. Hill, was starving and poverty stricken. He also tells how he requested three times to go to Vietnam and was rejected.

Mr. Hill wasn’t really affected emotionally about their decision because he knew there was a reason beside all this and he was very optimistic about this situation. Later on in his life, he realized these rejections may have actually saved his life. His detailed story was sentimental from the start. I am very much in awe of his experience.

As my interviewee kept talking about war, the teacher that I had known all along now seemed very different. I always thought he was happy, but as the interview progressed, he became more and more serious. I think the reason behind this is that no one can take the thought of war lightly. A war’s always going to be a war and lives will always be lost. The interview gave me more in-depth insight on how harsh a war can be, and it has changed the way I look at wars as a whole.