As Interviewed by Lila B, March 21, 2015
"My parents were born in South Africa, but my ancestors are from Lithuania and moved to South Africa. I was lucky enough to live in a place that was really beautiful."

Introductory Profile: About D.B.

I interviewed my aunt D.B. She is married to my father’s brother. She was born in Cape Town, South Africa and lived there until the age of twelve. Her family left in 1986,
towards the end of apartheid. D.B. was in 8th grade and her sister was in 4th when her family moved.

In the 1980s, South Africa had a system of racial segregation called apartheid that was enforced by the government. It began in 1948 and ended in 1994. Under apartheid non-white citizens, who were the majority of South Africa’s population, did not have equal rights with the minority white population. The non-white citizens were treated very unfair and were given very-little-to-no political voice. Along with the injustices that apartheid represented, there were also many other problems for non-whites, including limited access to public education, the outbreak of HIV/AIDS, high unemployment, shortage of food, and drought. It was an extremely sad time in South Africa’s history. During the 1980s, the whole world watched and demanded an end to apartheid. D.B.’s parents chose to flee the country with their family due to political turmoil. D.B. did not remember much of apartheid from when she was a child. At the time, she was too young to understand what was going on. However, as she grew older, D.B. learned more about the social injustice of the country that she grew up and her view changed. Today, D.B. lives in Houston, Texas, with a family of her own. Her parents live on the same street.

In this interview, D.B. shares her memories of South Africa and apartheid.