Bones Macias

As Interviewed by Kaitlyn M., March 14, 2015
"Working on the fields picking pickles, picking tomatoes from sun up to sun down, at 7am to 7pm, every day except for Sunday, was hard work -- and we knew we didnít want to do that the rest of our lives."
Bones Macias

Introductory Profile: About Bones Macias

My intervieweeís name is Bonifacio Macias, more commonly known as Bones. I know him because he is my uncle on my momís side. He is an immigrant from Mexico. Bones came from Mexico with his family, and the journey was dangerous and harsh because he had to cross the Rio Grande. He was young when he came to Texas. He was only nine-years-old.

When Bones got enrolled in school into first grade, there was one problem -- he couldnít speak English. In school, Bonesí teacher would hit him with a ruler when he spoke Spanish. Also he didnít have any help at home because his parents couldnít speak English. His family was mistreated at stores as well. People would call him names and would tend to watch them closely, as if they were going to steal something. He was also a migrant worker. He got pulled out of school and would work in the fields. The motivation to do well in school came from not wanting to be a migrant worker for the rest of his life.

Bones soon started to get the hang of the English language. He started to feel equal to everyone else when he started high school. Bones also started to play football and felt like he fit in. He became a successful adult and now works at Exxon. Bones also passed on the love of education to his kids, Alyssa and Tina, who are now successful as well.